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adj. king·li·er, king·li·est
1. Having the status or rank of king.
2. Of, like, or befitting a king; majestic and regal.
In a royal way; royally.

king′li·ness n.
királyi magatartás


(kiŋ) noun
1. a male ruler of a nation, who inherits his position by right of birth. He became king when his father died; King Charles III.
2. the playing-card with the picture of a king. I have two cards – the ten of spades and the king of diamonds.
3. the most important piece in chess.
ˈkingdom noun
1. a state having a king (or queen) as its head. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; He rules over a large kingdom.
2. any of the three great divisions of natural objects. the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms.
ˈkingly adjective
of, relating to, or suitable for a king. kingly robes; a kingly feast.
ˈkingliness noun
ˈkingfisher noun
a type of bird with brilliant blue feathers which feeds on fish.
ˈking-size(d) adjective
of a large size; larger than normal. a king-size(d) bed; king-size cigarettes.
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Comparing himself to a sun god, Richard II steps down from the heights of Flint Castle, symbolising the moment he lets go of his kingliness.
Addressing the Rose Festival - 2015 as a chief guest, the federal minister said that the majestic flower indicates that both kingliness (majesty, status and power) and queenliness (beauty, grace and cultural refinement) are its inherent qualities.
The majestic flower indicates that both kingliness (majesty, status and power) and queenliness are its inherent qualities," said Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan while addressing the Rose Festival 2015, in Islamabad.
For a King of such royal Kingliness I do not get challenged by something as simple as performing for my loyal subjects every night.