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1. Sports
a. The innermost or central pin in an arrangement of bowling pins.
b. See headpin.
2. The most important person or element in an enterprise or system.
3. See kingbolt.


1. the most important person in an organization
2. the crucial or most important feature of a theory, argument, etc
3. (Mechanical Engineering) Also called (Brit): swivel pin a pivot pin that provides a steering joint in a motor vehicle by securing the stub axle to the axle beam
4. (Bowls & Bowling) tenpin bowling the front pin in the triangular arrangement of the ten pins
5. (Bowls & Bowling) (in ninepins) the central pin in the diamond pattern of the nine pins



1. (in bowling)
a. the headpin.
b. the pin at the center.
2. Informal. a person or thing of chief importance.
3. either of the pins that are a part of the mechanism for turning the front wheels in some automotive steering systems.


A large iron pin that went through the front wagon bolster and coupling pole and into the front wagon axle.
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Noun1.Kingpin - the most important person in a group or undertakingkingpin - the most important person in a group or undertaking
important person, influential person, personage - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
2.kingpin - bolt that provides a steering joint in a motor vehicle
bolt - a screw that screws into a nut to form a fastener
3.kingpin - the front bowling pin in the triangular arrangement of ten pins
bowling pin, pin - a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling; set up in triangular groups of ten as the target


[ˈkɪŋpɪn] N (Tech) → perno m real or pinzote (fig) (= person, object) → piedra f angular


[ˈkɪŋpɪn] n
(= thing) → pivot m
(= person) → cheville f ouvrière


[ˈkɪŋˌpɪn] n (Tech) (fig) → perno
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