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The side of the chessboard that is nearest to the king's opening position.

king′side′ adv. & adj.


(Chess & Draughts) the side of the chessboard on which a particular king is positioned at the start of a game as opposed to the side the queen is on
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So bit on a Hou pawn sacrifice in the opening by returning a pawn that turned out to beneficial for the former as it opened a file that led to vicious kingside attack and eventually the early resignation of the highest ranked woman chesser in the world.
White normally attacks down the kingside and Black often, but not alway,s down the Queenside.
Frayna's downfall started on the 13th move when she opted to castle kingside instead of making a sidestepping king move, allowing Landa to win the exchange.
The Slav Defence game was roughly equal out of the opening until the Indian, playing white, tried to force matters on the 25th move, winning the exchange, while giving Korobov a pawn majority in the kingside.
Announcement of competition: Demolition of the buildings white kingside and gulflya Nesna
So we opened with a lot of our rooms, we didn't have the penthouse suite open, that's now done and launched, the restaurant Kingside with Marc Murphy, who is a very well known celebrity chef in the US, went within a month of opening on what they call the heat map in New York; that is a gauge on the most demanding tables in Manhattan.
The Kingside, the hotel's restaurant and bar, revives the area's iconic history with a design that references the automat cafeterias ubiquitous in New York during the early 20th century.
a very nice maneuver, the black knight is more useful on "d7" from where it can protect the "f6" Knight and the Kingside.
Black's kingside rook was not developed early and once again it allowed Carlsen a small but unseen advantage.
The propertyOs restaurant, Kingside, is scheduled to open Oct.
White gets a much better position due to an advantage in space while Black's attack down the Kingside isn't actually that potent.
Chowdhury consolidated his position further as his bishop on Bb3 controlled the Kingside diagonal, the Queen moved in for a mate and the pawn on 'e6' was rapidly suffocating his opponent.