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Any of various structurally related polypeptides, such as bradykinin, that act locally to induce vasodilation and contraction of smooth muscle.

[Short for bradykinin.]


1. (Biochemistry) any of a group of polypeptides in the blood that cause dilation of the blood vessels and make smooth muscles contract
2. (Botany) another name for cytokinin
[C20: from Greek kin(ēma) motion + -in]


(ˈkaɪ nɪn, ˈkɪn ɪn)

2. any of a group of hormones, formed in body tissues, that cause dilation of blood vessels.
[1950–55; (cyto) kin (esis) + -in1]
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Noun1.kinin - any of a class of plant hormones that promote cell division and delay the senescence of leaves
growth regulator, phytohormone, plant hormone - (botany) a plant product that acts like a hormone
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It is considered to be biphasic, the primary acute phase (0-2 h) is correlated with the release of histamine, serotonin, kinins and some mediators.
In 16 chapters on basic mechanisms that have clinical implications, international scientists discuss the related renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) which plays a critical role in hypertension, failing heart tissue, metabolic syndrome, and type II diabetes; the role of newly discovered factors such as angiotensin-converting enzyme ACE-2; and the role of kinins in, and effect of salt intake on, the anti-hypertensive effect of ACE inhibitors.
As the authors note, evidence exists suggesting that cold symptoms might be related to inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins and kinins, which are blocked by NSAIDs, rather than to direct viral cytopathic effects.
These include kinins like PKC and tyrosine kinase, TNF, NF-kappa B, cyclic D, protein API, STAT family agents, etc.
Radiotherapy helps by reducing oedema, decreasing inflammation and production of pain-producing kinins, reducing the size of the tumour and slowing progression.
On pharmacological grounds, the occurrence of localized angioedema of the pancreas has been proposed as a biologic basis for this reaction as a result of interference with the metabolism of kinins by ACE inhibitors.
Atkinson found that complement, kinins, prostaglandin, coagulation factors, histamine and serotonin are all normal in patients with SCLS (7).
Toxin inhalation increased airway kinins, and the response to inhaled toxin was enhanced after allergen challenge.
NEPs are abundant in kidney brush border membranes, cardiac myocytes, and endothelial cells and can degrade other circulating peptides, such as kinins, enkephalins, and neurotensins.