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Noun1.kinship group - group of people related by blood or marriagekinship group - group of people related by blood or marriage
social group - people sharing some social relation
mishpachah, mishpocha - (Yiddish) the entire family network of relatives by blood or marriage (and sometimes close friends); "she invited the whole mishpocha"
family unit, family - primary social group; parents and children; "he wanted to have a good job before starting a family"
folks - your parents; "he wrote to his folks every day"
family tree, genealogy - successive generations of kin
totem - a clan or tribe identified by their kinship to a common totemic object
Tribes of Israel, Twelve Tribes of Israel - twelve kin groups of ancient Israel each traditionally descended from one of the twelve sons of Jacob
relative, relation - a person related by blood or marriage; "police are searching for relatives of the deceased"; "he has distant relations back in New Jersey"
clan member, clansman, clanswoman - a member of a clan
tribesman - someone who lives in a tribe
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Chapter four deals with relationships outside the kinship group, i.e., with intimates and strangers.
This time, he is confident that he will win more support, having engaged more heavily with local kinship group leaders, who control thousands of votes in rural constituencies such as Narowal.
We know that even today, injustices of the past are constantly evoked by the matanda, against another kinship group, another community, another ethnic group.
A number of websites have been created for the Kelabit in general and many families have their own kinship group network.
Following Darwins evolutionary theory, and as a bio-cultural model, the DLS assumes that, within any given kinship group, cross-generational, traditionally held altruistic behaviours promote the success of the group's future and distant generations.
The result are creations akin to opera transported on covered wagons by an underfunded kinship group so far from home that their efforts to re-create their abandoned culture produce fresh conventions.
Traditionally, Pakistanis have identified first and foremost with their kinship group, clan, and by extension, ethno-linguistic group and have sought political representation (and patronage distribution) along these lines.
For example, in You Village of Jiangxi Province, like the village discussed above, the balance of power was maintained by assigning the village party secretary from one kinship group and the VC chief from the other group, before the first contested election in 1999 (Tong 2004, chap.
The universality emphasized by Christianity and Islam displaced kinship and extended cooperation, altruism and resources to persons outside the kinship group, thereby decreasing Darwinian competition and the survival of unique genes.
Birmingham was regarded as a new place - it was not: it is named after a Germanic kinship group that settled here in the early Middle Ages.