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A herring or salmon that has been split, salted, and smoked.
tr.v. kip·pered, kip·per·ing, kip·pers
To prepare (fish) by splitting, salting, and smoking.

[Middle English kipre, a male salmon in the spawning season, from Old English cypera, probably from cyperen, of copper, from coper, copper (because of the fish's color during the spawning season); see copper1.]
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1. (Cookery) (of fish, esp herring) having been cleaned, salted, and smoked
2. slang utterly defeated or outwitted
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There was kippered salmon, and Finnan haddocks, and a lamb's head, and a haggis--a celebrated Scotch dish, gentlemen, which my uncle used to say always looked to him, when it came to table, very much like a Cupid's stomach-- and a great many other things besides, that I forget the names of, but very good things, notwithstanding.
We have all been well and truly kippered by Johnson's perverted version of Brexit to gain the objective that was always his main motive for supporting the Leave campaign in the first place.
Slater said there are four categories: sticks, beef jerky, kippered and pickled sausage.