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An area of land that is completely surrounded by a lava flow.

[Hawaiian kīpuka : probably kī-, intensive prefix + puka, hole, opening; akin to Tahitian puta, opening.]
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This paper is based on the report "Future Budget Constraints: Challenges and Opportunities," a literature review prepared by Dane Rowlands and Decky Kipuka Kibongi for Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), Department of National Defence, Government of Canada (Contract Report DRDC-RDDC-2015-C236 October 2015).
Scheffer Date of Test site Climate Climate Index (a) installation Petawawa, ON Continental 48 Oct 2004 Maple Ridge, BC Temperate 63 Oct 2004 Gainesville, FL Subtropical 110 Feb 2005 Mountain View, HI/ Kipuka, HI (b) Tropical 400/350 Nov 2004 (a) Updated Scheffer Climate Index values from Morris and Wang (2008).
Our packs were heavy when we unloaded them from the trucks at the Wood Road Kipuka Trailhead, just east of the small farming town of Minidoka, Idaho.
Fire regimes of Kipuka forests in El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico.
Start up the trail at Kipuka Puaulu early in the morning, when there is still a bit of chill in the air, and on rainy days maybe a light mist falling, going up the trail that winds through mamaki, pilo, ferns, kopiko, a lush growth of native plants.
The forest patches of Mauna Loa are known in the Hawaiian language as kipuka, isolated land areas of varying size surrounded by lava flows dating back to the mid-1800s.
The absence of a spectral contrast between Ha2 and the surrounding surface indicates that the dome is not a piece of pre-existing elevated terrain later embayed by basaltic lava, a so-called kipuka.
In Rome, Raffaello Lena used Quick Map to determine the diameter and height of a relict island of old lava--a kipuka to use a Hawaiian term--that he captured in an image.
Plaintiffs, 'Ilio'ulaokalani Coalition, a Hawaii nonprofit corporation, and Hawaii unincorporated associations Na 'Imi PonD and Kipuka (Hawaiian Groups), appealed a district court's grant of summary judgment in favor of defendant Army, arguing that the district court incorrectly found that the Army's public notice efforts and consideration of reasonable alternatives in connection to its transformation of a Hawaii-based brigade (Brigade) into a Stryker Brigade Combat Team complied with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
Maui Waikamoi, Nr Flume 4400ft Mauna Loa Kipuka at mile 18 5000ft Kipukas 5050ft Kohala Kahua Ranch 3780ft Hualalai Koloko Dr.
In contrast, Kipuka Puaulu, right in the middle of a sea of lava, is a lush, native bird park alive with song.