kissing bug

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kiss·ing bug

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kissing bug

(Animals) a North American assassin bug, Melanolestes picipes, with a painful bite, usually attacking the lips or cheeks of man
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kiss′ing bug`

[1895–1900, Amer.]
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Noun1.kissing bug - large bloodsucking bugkissing bug - large bloodsucking bug    
assassin bug, reduviid - a true bug: long-legged predacious bug living mostly on other insects; a few suck blood of mammals
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kissing bug

n chinche f, chinche besucona (Mex), chinche picuda (Guat, El Salv), pito (Col), chipo (Ven), chirima-cha (Perú), vinchuca (Arg, Bol, Chile, Ur)
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A kissing bug in Delaware bit and sucked the blood from a girl's face in July 2018, a state health official wrote.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the sighting of a kissing bug for the first time in Delaware, last week, after a family living in Kent County contacted local health authorities in July 2018.
The insect was preliminarily identified as Triatoma sanguisuga (a "kissing bug") by staff members from DDA.
The dreaded "kissing bug", "cone nosed" or triatomine bug has increasing brought the parasite of Chagas disease our way.
cruzi), transmitted Chagras disease to mice, similar to the Kissing Bug. The Kissing Bug is a larger cousin of the bed bug and has been known to spread Chagras disease through bites to human flesh in South America.
mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and kissing bug, etc.
Infestans bug bites a person around the mouth for a blood meal, giving rise to its common name "kissing bug." The bug soon defecates after feeding, allowing the spread of the infectious parasite into the broken skin through the feces.
The advent of synthetic insecticides in the 1940s was the first major breakthrough in identifying effective techniques for kissing bug control; the introduction of pyrethroids, a more cost-effective synthetic type of insecticide, was another important advance that occurred in the 1980s [5].
The parasite is transmitted by a triatomine bug, commonly called a kissing bug. The bug acquires the parasite by taking a blood meal from an infected mammal.