kit bag

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kit bag

A traveling bag, such as a knapsack.
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kit′ bag`

or kit′bag`,

a small bag or knapsack, as for a soldier.
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Noun1.kit bag - a knapsack (usually for a soldier)
back pack, backpack, haversack, knapsack, packsack, rucksack - a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder
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He opened the kit bag and oiled his wheel, putting graphite on the chain and adjusting the bearings.
The POP Bank Small will be sold as a kit, with grid-less front screens in full and half, packed in a messenger-style kit bag.
Longline jacket PS45, Bon Marche 7 jacket in Look like a Park Avenue princess in this Taran tweed jacket PS79, Monsoon 8 frilled, i'm sure Team this Molly pelmet skirt with a Victorian collar blouse for a stylish office look, was PS36, now PS18, Warehouse 9 kit bag This Raging Bull tweed wash bag is now reduced from PS42 to PS29.40, Debenhams 10 jogger on Relax in style in these Estella tweed jogging pants, were PS75, now PS52, House of Fraser
Business Class guests will receive a unisex kit bag which includes a host of toiletries.
Umbro block logo sweater PS59.99, GRAB YOUR KIT BAG ONCE you have all your cool new kit, don't go dragging a battered old gym bag around with you.
You can use it dry too, as a regular towel for mopping sweat during your workout - and because it's superfine and sleek, it rolls up and can be stuffed into the corner of your kit bag without taking up much space.
Their first, and still most popular product is the Kit Bag. It was originally designed for pistol carry while hiking.
The best practice I have seen is to stow steam protective ensembles in green flight bags (FSC: 8460; NIIN: 006068366; CANCELLED NIIN: 000950100, 002456693; ITEM NAME: KIT BAG, FLYER'S; $27.97 ea).
In premium economy, the kit bag - made from rPET, a material derived from crushed plastic bottles - contains a purple eye mask and socks and a quirky toothbrush and paste.
Summary: Former England cricketer Chris Lewis has been jailed for 13 years for smuggling cocaine into Britain inside his kit bag.