kitchen appliance

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: appliance - a home appliance used in preparing foodkitchen appliance - a home appliance used in preparing food
coffee maker - a kitchen appliance for brewing coffee automatically
electric pig, garbage disposal, disposal - a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage
food processor - a kitchen appliance with interchangeable blades; used for shredding or blending or chopping or slicing food
home appliance, household appliance - an appliance that does a particular job in the home
hot plate, hotplate - a portable electric appliance for heating or cooking or keeping food warm
ice maker - an appliance included in some electric refrigerators for making ice cubes
microwave oven, microwave - kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat results from the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food
oven - kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting
cooking stove, kitchen range, kitchen stove, stove, range - a kitchen appliance used for cooking food; "dinner was already on the stove"
toaster - a kitchen appliance (usually electric) for toasting bread
toaster oven - kitchen appliance consisting of a small electric oven for toasting or warming food
waffle iron - a kitchen appliance for baking waffles; the appliance usually consists of two indented metal pans hinged together so that they create a pattern on the waffle
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The international kitchen appliance brand has eco-friendly sinks and ovens, too.
SEWING machine distributor to kitchen appliance manufacturer Bogod Group is on the acquisition trail after delisting from the London Stock Exchange.
THE Kitchen Appliance Shop has purchased the freehold of the former Imperial Leather factory, adjacent to the M53 at Cromwell Road, Ellesmere Port.
Homepunch provides focused platform to home & kitchen appliance brands, in order to drive their sales and marketing strategies to neutralize online & offline trade conflict.
In business for 55 years, the kitchen appliance manufacturer shut its doors in 2000, falling to competition from Chinese-made goods.
Topping their kitchen appliance wish list is a new oven, followed by pots and pans, and professional knives.
The high-end kitchen appliance lines - all European imports - were held up as Toastmaster sought U.L.
- Domestic Kitchen Appliance Markets in Africa to 2018 - Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts
Windmere, a manufacturer of personal care and kitchen appliances sold largely through mass merchants and drug stores, has agreed to buy a 50 percent stake in Salton/Maxim, a kitchen appliance supplier mainly to department stores.
For couples who prefer staying at home, why not surprise your loved one with an innovative kitchen appliance that will surely delight them for years?
This compact kitchen appliance can handle a range of kitchen tasks from kneading dough to grinding nuts and steaming fish.
More than a quarter of us have bought a new kitchen appliance as a result of seeing it on a TV food programmes such as Thomasina Miers' (Wahaca) hand blender, Delia's food blenders through to Mary Berry's food processor.