kitchen island

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: island - an unattached counter in a kitchen that permits access from all sides
island - a zone or area resembling an island
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You can also consider slim trees to fit into small spaces where you might not have put a tree before, or a table top tree for an easy way to bring the outdoors inside to a buffet table or a kitchen island.
There is also a kitchen island fitted with a Miele induction hob with retracting extractor fan, and space for seating.
The substantial five-bedroomed house offers detached and spacious accommodation which includes a large entrance hall, spacious lounge with floor to ceiling window, drawing room, separate dining room with multi-fuel burner, large kitchen with Rangemaster, kitchen island and breakfast bar.
You can also create a focal point on your kitchen island with a larger piece or a selection of multiple smaller vases.
A current kitchen trend is a contrasting/bold colour for the kitchen island. Consider how much light you have coming into your kitchen when choosing your colour.
So while designing it keep in mind that you not only include seating units but also have large kitchen island where you can cook together.
A kitchen island maximises space while leading directly to the dining area - creating a streamlined Scandinavian-style core.
Homeowners can opt for customized services and make their kitchen island the best working space.
The kitchen is a chef's dream, comprehensively fitted with handcrafted cabinets, a kitchen island, oak flooring and a breakfast area with a corner banquette perfect for family meals.