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'Little Nightingale,' called out the little kitchenmaid, 'our Gracious Emperor wants you to sing before him!'
The whole Court was there, and the little kitchenmaid was allowed to stand behind the door, now that she was a Court-cook.
'No; that is a cow mooing!' said the little kitchenmaid. 'We are still a long way off!'
'No, no; those are frogs!' said the little kitchenmaid. 'But I think we shall soon hear her now!'
'Little kitchenmaid!' said the First Lord, 'I will give you a place in the kitchen, and you shall have leave to see the Emperor at dinner, if you can lead us to the Nightingale, for she is invited to come to Court this evening.'
On instituting this inquiry, it turned out that the last person who had set eyes on Rosanna was Nancy, the kitchenmaid.
Almost all the girls who attained a certain place in the village school were taken by her, one or two at a time, as housemaids, laundrymaids, nurserymaids, or kitchenmaids, and after a year or two's training were started in life amongst the neighbouring families, with good principles and wardrobes.
(73) (Thus Elizabeth I, Spensers Cynthia, wrote to Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy in 1602, addressing him as 'Mistress Kitchenmaid' and praising him for the 'faithful care' with which his 'frying pan and other kitchen stuff' had been put to use in reducing the latest generation of Irish rebels to domestic order.
Florrie, who leaves home to become a "kitchenmaid" (Graham 1.67), writes in a letter home that she has '"fallen into a good crib where they keep a man & three maids"' (Graham 1.108).
The KitchenMaid ( is a quality product made from cast iron (or chrome/brass) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood.
A Cook and Kitchenmaid a butler and someone to help him, 2 Housemaids and 1 Housemaid and not counting the necessary Kaffirs to do all the children's quarters and wait upon them at meals etc.
The upheaval this causes is the backbone of the series but the nation has also been captivated by the lives of the servants below stairs - from the upright butler Carson to the malevolent footman Thomas and the superstitious kitchenmaid Daisy, as well as their relationships with their masters and mistresses.