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Any of the boards, usually equipped with bindings for the feet, used in kiteboarding.
intr.v. kite·board·ed, kite·board·ing, kite·boards
To engage in kiteboarding.

kite′board·er n.
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a board similar to a windsurfing board, towed by a large kite
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November to April is said to be the best time to kiteboard in Boracay's Bulabog Beach.
While many tourists from different parts of the world plan their vacation in Oman to kiteboard the clear waters, you too can join a basic course if you have no experience so far.
"I'm not the greatest and most patient teacher in the world but I've taught my best friend how to kiteboard.
The beach jungle environment has beautiful sightseeing locations where you'll spot incredible wildlife while riding the wind on your kiteboard. This amazing experience is heightened by the epic waves in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, with secret beaches known only by the locals, and huge salty lagoons and wild mangroves.
Yes, their nifty little device called the Woo can be clipped onto the back of a Kiteboard and can track every jump including, jump height, airtime, and more.
While many people thought the Mast Walk was hard to top, Alex's latest stunt 'The Skywalk' sees him on a kiteboard, chasing his boat upwind and attaching himself by rope to the top of the boat's mast.
His newest stunt saw Alex, on a kiteboard, chasing his boat upwind and attaching himself via a rope to the top of the boat's mast.
"We're very excited to be creating something unique to Kiteboarding here in the UAE in which we are offering an actual Centre where people can come and learn to Kiteboard, have a fully insured location which is sheltered from the busyness of open beaches and is a private venue which has all the amenities such as bathroom and shower facilities, access to F&B outlets and more," says Barry Conlon, general manager of Watercooled UAE.
Ukraine champion Andrey Salnik also makes a return stint in Boracay, where he won in the Kiteboard Tour Asia Boracay in 2013, while Japanese ace and former Freestyle Asian titlist Aya Oshima seeks her first crown in the event which features Race, Hangtime (longest airtime) and Freestyle.
We wish them every success in the championship and we are happy that they have the fantastic opportunity to compete against the best kiteboard racers in the world," Lord said.
The public policy director says in the article that there are plenty of other places near this beach to kiteboard. So, why is a restriction from one beach (to help out another species) seen as a "police state'' move by some?