citharist, kitharist

a performer on an ancient Greek form of lyre called a cithara.
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But it is plain both from the frequent literary uses of [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and from many hundreds of paintings that the standard image of a lyrist or kitharist was as `striker with plectrum' rather than `plucker with fingers'.
He was reported to have sought [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in various forms:(48) he exposed Onomacritus' attempt to forge the oracles of Musaeus(49) and he was famed for his penchant for wordplay.(50) But first and foremost he was a practical musician: Aristoxenus reports that he held the view that notes have [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (`breadth'), perhaps a string-player's vote for pitching notes by ear and a riposte to Pythagorean attempts to define note-values in purely mathematical terms (in practice, pitching a note accurately does not require pinpoint precision).(51) As an aulete and kitharist, Lasos would have approved of and practised the sort of empirical, rule-of-thumb musicianship which later drew Plato's censure.(52)