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Pieces of art or other objects that appeal to popular or uncultivated taste, as in being garish or overly sentimental.

[German Kitsch (originally used of kitschy painting ), perhaps from kitschen, to sweep or rake up street mud, or from German dialectal kitschen, to sell off cheaply.]

kitsch′i·fy′ v.
kitsch′y adj.
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Adj.1.kitschy - effusively or insincerely emotionalkitschy - effusively or insincerely emotional; "a bathetic novel"; "maudlin expressions of sympathy"; "mushy effusiveness"; "a schmaltzy song"; "sentimental soap operas"; "slushy poetry"
emotional - of more than usual emotion; "his behavior was highly emotional"


adj (+er)kitschig
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It's about as subtle as that exclamation point suggests, with every character named Schmegegge or Schmednrik and every kitschy Jewish reference tossed in for good measure.
Drawing upon his years of experience and expertise, Charles' "Addicted to Americana: Celebrating Classic & Kitschy American Life & Style" is a riotously colorful book, replete with images drawn from collection of vintage Kodachrome slides, and is a celebration his lifelong quest to unearth the best of classic and kitschy American life and style.
Tallac (right); and a sweetly kitschy souvenir teacup.
The Chinese manufacturers of kitschy ornaments will surely agree that this is the case but they would.
New baroque-style buildings are being built, mixed with other styles, while the old buildings get new kitschy facades," Serbian portal "vestionline.
OUR 9 house still has its original Seventies door handles, windows and detailing, and we'd like to find some furnishings that have a nod to the same period, but aren't too kitschy.
While his sculptures of portals and pyramids and his justly celebrated planks (begun in 1966) betray a fascination with architectural forms shared by other Minimalists, the SoCal artist, unlike his peers, fabricated the great majority of his fiberglass and polyester resin works himself, by hand, and his kitschy Mandala paintings of the 1970s evoke the acid culture of Haight-Ashbury far more than the arid ambience of the white cube.
Chia seeds--the same kind made famous by kitschy Chia Pets--are the new "it" superfood.
The kitschy planes -- plastered in gigantic Hello Kitty faces -- as well as similarly-themed mugs, T-shirts, stuffed animals and stationary, brought Eva Air fame as the ''cutest carrier'' to operate routes between Taiwan and Japan, as well as between Taiwan and Hong Kong.
On display: the group's kitschy costumes, handwritten song lyrics, and other absolutely essential ABBA objets d'art.
The National Mall, originally envisioned by Pierre L'Enfant as a serene place for public celebration and quiet contemplation, is quickly turning into a kitschy amusement park of special interests.
Also making this slow-moving, over-obvious movie easy to take is the way Stallone has finally cut through all the phony triumphalism (first film), hyped-up self-doubt/corruption (``Rocky II'' and ``III''), geopolitical metaphors (``IV,'' which was so Cold War kitschy it still remains my favorite of the series) and melodramatic tragedy (``V,'' which was such a bummer it K.