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Noun1.kitty-cat - informal terms referring to a domestic cat
domestic cat, Felis catus, Felis domesticus, house cat - any domesticated member of the genus Felis
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Oscar is a rambunctious dog; Molly is pretty, well-bred kitty-cat with aspirations for the silver screen.
The brush tip is 'so fine that you can do super-extended, kitty-cat eyes.'
Still, the "awws" inspired by that kitty-cat somewhat make up for the film's 'pawcity' of guffaws.
Still, the "aws" inspired by that kitty-cat somewhat make up for the film's 'pawcity' of guffaws.
Khloe was clearly referring to herself as a "pussy," AKA pussy cat, as she opted for a lace-veiled kitty-cat costume, while referring to her sister Kourtney's long-term BF Scott Disick and their friend as "Sheikh," as they were both dressed up as native Arab Sheikhs!
It's no easy task to stand out among a cast of 50 regulars, hundreds of extras, elaborate sets, exotic locations and kitty-cat sized dragons.
"I'm a little kitty cat in my little kitty-cat house," she said.
But what if Miss Drexel had been carrying explosives onto her flight under the kitty-cat sweatshirt?
In an area where strange and exotic animals, often abandoned by rich collectors, have been found running loose, you just can't assume it's a fat kitty-cat.
After completing one she had done in a bar they frequented, she had asked him, "Didn't I look like a kitty-cat?" "No!" he replied, his voice acid with distaste.
The Lady Kit-Cat Klock is the third model in the lineup, joining the original and Kitty-Cat styles.
Remember how those dainty, Delicate kitty-cat paws Cover scritchy-scratch claws?