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n. pl. ki·wis
1. Any of several flightless birds of the genus Apteryx native to New Zealand, having vestigial wings and a long slender bill. Also called apteryx.
2. Informal A New Zealander.
3. A kiwifruit.

[Maori, imitative of the call of male kiwis. Sense 3, short for kiwifruit.]


pl n
(Rugby) the Kiwis the men's international Rugby League football team of New Zealand
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Martin Guptill was also not able to stay at the crease for a long time as he was sent packing by Akila Dananjaya to reduce Kiwis to 18/2.
He further said match between Kiwis and India was interesting and worth watching as both teams had selected the out standing players,adding Kiwis had an edge on Indian players that they were much saturated with the weather condition in England.
In the 1992 Cup, Pakistan faced the formidable opponent New Zealand with an all but similar situation, with the Kiwis on a winning streak.
An uphill task yet to be achieved by Pak team is to strike a victory against Kiwis in the coming match,and win the games against Afghanistan
Say hello to the dazzling gold kiwi. Zespri, New Zealand's kiwi-growing giant, spent a decade cross-breeding kiwis to develop SunGold, the most popular gold variety.
Rose Gold Kiwis, PS2.50 for 3, Waitrose Kiwis have had a millennial makeover, although they're more 'rose and gold' than 'rose gold' - yellow on the outside with a pink heart.
The Kiwis were brutal in defence and strong in attack and dominated England early in the second half but England held firm despite not having pack starters Sam Burgess and Sean O'Loughlin on deck.
To combat the issue, Netsafes Chief Executive Martin Cocker says its focus is educating New Zealanders on how to stay safe online, and that includes how to protect yourself against scams, We work closely with the Government and other agencies to help Kiwis avoid harm from unscrupulous activities and advise them of the latest scams, as we all have a role to play in keeping the web safe.
Kalyan said that commercial fruit-bearing period is after five years of plantation but he is expecting to harvest at least 10,000 kiwis this year.
Los kiwis de Zespri son ricos, refrescantes y sanos, Atrevete a eleborar deliciosas recetas con ellos.
Because Harry's devoted fans have apparently taken to pelting the stage with kiwis whenever their idol sings his hit song - Kiwi.