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or klatsch  (klăch, kläch)
A casual social gathering, usually for conversation.

[German Klatsch, from klatschen, to gossip, make a sharp noise, of imitative origin.]
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or klatch

(klɑtʃ, klætʃ)

a casual gathering, as for conversation.
[1950–55; < German Klatsch chitchat, gossip]
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The Germans have a similar deal with their 'kaffee und klatsch', and we here still have coffee mornings and afternoon tea, though it is a dying art.
by Times News ServiceAl Zaman is now on board as a major stake holder in Kaffee Klatsch and its strategy is to expand the success of Kaffee Klatsch across other major Swiss cities and towns.
"We often played gigs at Kaffee Klatsch restaurant in Baguio.
Obama plonks Susan Rice near the West Wing coffee klatsch to josh the juice and dish the poop.
Longtime friends swap stories in the gazebo; a parental coffee klatsch comes together after the kids set off on the water; an all-volunteer women's group, the Luffing Lassies, stand by their boats, as casual as a bridge club and as confident as longshoremen.
Buchanan never signed up to be in the conservative klatsch. The movement frankly bored him even as he was trying to bring it into the Nixon fold.
Sing!, Paradise Lost--also from 1935--expands the form of the family drama to include a large extended klatsch of neighbors and hangers-on in the home of the Gordons, upstanding citizens of the cultured bourgeoisie who in the course of three acts lose their home and almost everything else dear to them, material and otherwise, amid the fluctuations of capitalism.
Other highlights included the ethereal Cara Dillon, and the Jewish-flavoured Klezmer music of The Klatsch.
Jethro Tull Cara Dillon Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick Adrian Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds Jim Moray Wizz Jones Nancy Kerr and James Fagan Mama Matrix Frogmorton Ella Edmondson The Klatsch Hunter Robertson Liz Lawrence WyreWood
In your opinion, the victims of the so-called Holocaust have become a popular topic, from seminar papers to the ordinary "kaffee klatsch" (casual conversation over coffee and cake).
Irene Savageau carted an Oxford Community Guide to a recent coffee klatsch. She turned to a test-your-memory segment, with photographs of Oxford businesses and landmarks - and the quizmaster made me her pupil.