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n. pl. klep·toc·ra·cies
A government characterized by rampant greed and corruption.

[Greek kleptein, to steal + -cracy.]

klep′to·crat′ (-tə-krăt′) n.
klep′to·crat′ic adj.
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(ˈklɛp təˌkræt)
a government official who is a thief or exploiter.
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The following year he was appointed chair of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), a regional economic bloc, and that brought him to confront an even more onerous problem: Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) was fast sliding into chaos under its long-term kleptocrat, Mobutu Sese Seko.
Libya's Colonel Muammar Gadaffi, who is now possibly making his quick exit through the extensive tunnel network he is rumoured to have built beneath his compound in Bab Al Azizia, is characteristic of a kleptocrat.
Qadhdhafi had lots going for him, as he stuck his finger in every economic pie just like a classic third world kleptocrat.
Needless to say, the professor has expanded his concept of a Quebec nation within the Canadian state to embrace hundreds of others--to wit, the "indigenous nations of Canada." So diseased kleptocrat band councils would be embedded as constitutional co-equals with the provinces and the feds with all the opportunities for activist judicial romping one might expect.
The world's banks thereupon poured untold billions into the pocket of every corrupt kleptocrat they could find in Africa and Latin America, plus a couple in eastern Europe.
General Abacha (President 1993-1998) was a kleptocrat: at least $1.8bn was placed in Brazilian, Lebanese, British and Swiss bank accounts, and a further $2.45bn simply withdrawn from the Central Bank.
Together with the other contemporaneous Court of Appeals rulings unrealistically preventing the taking of deposition of human trafficking victim Mary Jane Veloso and the wholesale rejection of the human rights victims' claim against the estate of kleptocrat Marcos, the decision to let gloating ex-Palawan governor Joel Reyes 'miraculously' get off the hook for the killing of antimining advocate and journalist Gerry Ortega demonstrates a triple whammy to those who still resort to our justice system for remedies.
Despite his reputation as a notoriously greedy kleptocrat, self-centered narcissist, and pathological liar, White people voted for him in overwhelming numbers just because he is a White man, albeit one who had been a third rate television star.
At the relatively modest cost - for a revolution - of fewer than 100 dead demonstrators, a dictatorship who depended on looking allpowerful has been shown to be virtually toothless and the tyrant and his kleptocrat family have scurried away, like Idi Amin before them, to exile in Saudi Arabia.
Rayer was quoted saying he was more than capable to take on Najib, while an elder statesman like Lim should not waste his time debating with an alleged kleptocrat.
1 also marked another death anniversary of Cory Aquino, our first woman president, who led in ousting Macoy, a kleptocrat and gross human rights violator.
GENEVA: African and Middle East countries looking to reclaim more than $1 billion allegedly stashed in Switzerland by "kleptocrat" leaders will need to untangle a vast web of accounts to prove their criminal cases, experts say.