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n. pl. klez·mo·rim (klĕz′mə-rēm′)
1. The traditional music of the Jews of eastern Europe, played by small traveling bands.
2. A musician in such a band.

[Yiddish, from Mishnaic Hebrew kəlê zemer, musical instruments : kəlê, pl. bound form of kəlî, instrument; see kll in Semitic roots + zemer, music, song; see zmr in Semitic roots.]


1. (Music, other) a Jewish folk musician, usually a member of a small band
2. (Music, other) Also called: klezmer music the music performed by such a band


(ˈklɛz mər)

n., pl. klez•mers, klez•mo•rim (ˌklɛz məˈrim)
1. a Jewish folk musician traditionally performing in a small band.
2. the music performed by klezmers.
[1960–65; < Yiddish]
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They tell us about playing klezmer music in 2018 and perform few songs, including 7:40, which is based on the "Hava Nagilah of Russia.
Join them as they let down their hair to entertain with an evening of music fused from gypsy jazz, tango and klezmer.
Their music can be described as a mixture of klezmer and eastern european folklore, spiced up with elements of modern music such as 'dub and ska'.
Musician, scholar and historian Hankus Netsky broadens this perspective by sharing the rich and fascinating story of a unique genre of Jewish folk music, klezmer, in a particular Jewish community, Philadelphia.
Klezmer Piano Collection: 22 tunes for the Klezmer and Yiddish traditions for solo piano, with CD, by Julian Rowlands.
Klezmer is the story of a Jewish community in Philadephia, told through a historical narrative, the focus of which is on klezmorim--traditional Jewish musical entertainers--who typically perform their music at Jewish life-cycle and communal celebrations.
Based on urban ethnographies conducted in North America and Western Europe in the early 2000s, Wood's research developed from her study at a Yiddish summer course at Columbia University, her membership in Yiddish choral ensembles in New York, many visits to Yiddish music festivals in Montreal and Europe, and her personal encounters with musicians of the Yiddish and Klezmer revivalist scenes.
Big Galut(e) is the self-titled debut album of a quintet of artists who revel in the spirit of klezmer (Jewish folk music).
Klezmer music's festive rhythms, emotive strings and wailing melodies may seem straight out of the shtetl.
KLEZMER band, Klonk (above), are to release their debut EP in May.
Gibbs takes things one step further by beginning and ending some tunes with a klezmer band holding forth in traditional style, while he and his band play jazz in between.
8220;This is one of the most traditional American klezmer albums that I have ever heard,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset, although that applies to the klezmer component of this intriguingly melange of music in general.