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Any of various weedy thistlelike plants in the composite family having flowers grouped in a head with a spiny involucre, especially several species of the genus Centaurea and the Eurasian species Acroptilon repens.

[Middle English knopwed : knop, knob; see knop + wed, weed; see weed1.]
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(Plants) any of several plants of the genus Centaurea, having purplish thistle-like flowers: family Asteraceae (composites). See also centaury2, hardheads
[C15 knopwed; see knop, weed1]
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any composite plant of the genus Centaurea, esp. the weedy C. nigra, having rose-purple flowers set on a dark-colored, knoblike bract.
[1400–50; late Middle English knopwed=knoppe a small rounded protuberance + weed1]
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Noun1.knapweed - any of various plants of the genus Centaurea having purple thistlelike flowersknapweed - any of various plants of the genus Centaurea having purple thistlelike flowers
slender knapweed - a variety of knapweed
Jersey knapweed - a variety of knapweed
centaury - any plant of the genus Centaurea
black knapweed, Centaurea nigra, hardheads, lesser knapweed - a weedy perennial with tough wiry stems and purple flowers; native to Europe but widely naturalized
Centaurea scabiosa, great knapweed, greater knapweed - tall European perennial having purple flower heads
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Un arall o'r blodau sy'n werth i'w gweld ddiwedd haf ydi'r bengaled (Centurea nigra; Common Knapweed).
Native flowers knapweed and scabious which attract butterflies to their nectar have also been planted along with bird's-foot trefoil - the main plant food of the common blue butterfly.
Butterflies particularly like bluebells, marigolds, hyacinth, garden mint, knapweed, thistles, blackberry bushes, heather and lavender among others.
The National Trust also planted 2,000 lavender plants, while the hay meadows are also full of colour with oxeye daisies, knapweed and yellow rattle all on display.
That's "weed" as in plucking away the sprigs of Colorado camelthorn and knapweed that grow between cracks in the concrete, bulldozing away the remaining asphalt skin that's layered atop and readying the surface for some major construction work.
This year some of the grasses along the coastal path are being left uncut to promote the growth of wild flowers such as Bee Orchid, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Knapweed, Pyramidal Orchid and Wild Thyme.
It is found in flower-rich grasslands, particularly those with clover, thistles, vetches and knapweed.
Although goats will eat most common weeds, they particularly like blackberry brambles, kosia, scotch broom, spotted knapweed, yellow star thistle, wild rose, and wild turnip.
Ox-eye daisies, ragged robin and knapweed all make great bombs.
Dogs previously have demonstrated the ability to detect invasive species of spotted knapweed, brown tree snakes, desert tortoises, and various cancers.
KNAPWEED MIGHT have got you mixed up with Aries this week, but it doesn't matter because it's all made up anyway.