knee pad

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Noun1.knee pad - protective garment consisting of a pad worn by football or baseball or hockey playersknee pad - protective garment consisting of a pad worn by football or baseball or hockey players
protective garment - clothing that is intended to protect the wearer from injury
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The "Knee Pad Market by End-Users and Geography - Global Forecast and Analysis 2019-2023" report has been added to's offering.
By having this direct input and feedback from actual users they are not just a cool looking safety knee pad but really work in real world applications.
Ask patients who present with atraumatic anterior knee pain accompanied by swelling and redness whether they spend much time scrubbing floors, gardening, laying carpet, or performing other activities that involve excessive kneeling or wearing hard knee pads.
Helmet use was less than 10% in both phases of the study; wrist guard use ranged from 46% to 65%; and intermediate values were noted for the use of elbow and knee pads.
Prescribe ice packs and NSAIDs for nonseptic patients, and recommend a knee pad for protection in nonacute cases.
Knee pouch with hook-and-pile closure for internal knee pad inserts
But Doohan, who caught his knee pad on the ground, regained the lead on the following lap and went on to win.
Miami, FL, May 18, 2011 --( Alfred L., Wisconsin resident and inventor, has contracted South Florida invention assistance leader to represent his Toolbox Knee Pad invention to industry.
Door trims, knee pad and the instrument panel benefit from a leather-look finish and matt silver details and yellow accents complete the interior's ambience.
Schutt also complements its shoulder-pad lines with Hip, Thigh, and Knee Pad sets.
Ovation XL options, including the XL Knee Pad, XL Footplate, and the XL Adjustable Lifting Strap, will accommodate individuals up to 350 lbs.