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n. Informal.
a joke evoking boisterous hilarity.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Not a knee-slapper, but certainly good for a chortle.
Later, on the growly knee-slapper "One Fine Day," the band has the same sort of spirit and energy, with a rougher, wilder feel.
Simple cartoon illustrations add visual jokes to this knee-slapper.
I just don't understand it myself, but plenty do, given the size of the state lottery system, which basically accounts as a kind of secondary tax structure (this is a real knee-slapper when you consider that a great deal of whatever you win off of these jackpots gets taxed anyway).
Judge for yourself whether it's a knee-slapper or just plain annoying.
They misread the tone of their own dark and ultimately serious work, unless you think the suitcase-nuking of Bangalore is a knee-slapper.
Rather than merely providing another perfectly scholarly but exceedingly dull translation of what is supposed to be a knee-slapper, Relihan (classics, Wheaton College) digs deep into the spirit of the piece, re-creating Apuleius's slyness, plays upon words and images, and irreverence that cloaks deep faith.
We work so hard to get a film that shows our womanhood and connection to family with sympathy, only to have it ridiculed with knee-slapper jabs and references to Felicity's character, Bree, as a "man.
One man 's ridiculous drivel is another man's knee-slapper.
Boy, was this a knee-slapper, punctuated by overly forced guffaws, darting glances, and seat-squirming so characteristic of those who doth protest too much.
I assumed the jokes were just over my head and that, when I matured, the elephant who said, "It's a living," while his trunk was used as the spray nozzle for washing dishes would be a knee-slapper.