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1. Sports A short surfboard or wakeboard ridden in a kneeling position.
2. A clipboard used especially by pilots during flights for holding maps and checklists.
intr.v. knee·board·ed, knee·board·ing, knee·boards Sports
To ride a short surfboard or wakeboard in a kneeling position.
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Fact.MR has announced the addition of the "Kneeboard Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2028"report to their offering.
YEARS AGO, I was riding a kneeboard behind a boat when I spun around to skim along backwards.
He draws on aviation history research, personal recollections, officer fitness reports, aviator logbooks, kneeboard cards, and family stories to describe their careers in the US Navy.
Summary: The outlook on kneeboard market remains moderate, and it will take concerted efforts on part of all stakeholders to induce momentum in this flailing marketplace.
For those who flew the L-variant, the moving map was located on a digital kneeboard that was strapped to the aviator's leg, Duus noted.
For most flying missions and before leaving the house or office, I pack: a Bose A20 headset, an iPad Mini and the Flight Outfitters fold-down kneeboard for housing it, an iPhone 7 smartphone, my wallet, two action cameras with mounts, extra batteries and charging cables all housed in a soft storage bag, sunglasses, a Smith & Wesson Captain's flashlight, a pulse oximeter, a Garmin GDL39 portable ADS-B receiver (or lately, the SXAR-1 SiriusXM receiver), a ball cap, a bottle of water, packaged snacks (granola bars, usually), a bottle of pain reliever, a bottle of hand sanitizer and for long hauls, a magazine or two.
Le surf regroupe plusieurs disciplines : bodyboard, longboard, kneeboard, skimboard, bodysurf, paddlebord, surfing canoE1/2, surf tracte et stand up paddle.
The HAC attempted to flick the switch aft using his kneeboard, but hit the cockpit dome light switch instead, flooding the cockpit with non-NVG compatible red dome lights.
MyGoFlight's mounting and kneeboard systems are being used by more pilots flying with iPads than any other product and are in use in general, business, commercial and military aviation.
Thanks to some patient demonstrations by coach Steve, my son, 17, was able to stand and ski on the rope by the end of the session, while my daughter, 14, stood at the side, then opted for a fun ride on the kneeboard towed behind.