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Noun1.knickknackery - miscellaneous curios
curio, curiosity, oddment, peculiarity, rarity, oddity - something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting
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And yet site-specificity is meaningful in Sharjah, Dubai's dusty, low-lying, syncretic sister emirate that is distinguished by--among other things--an endearing mix of Pakistani kebab stands, corner stores stuffed with all manner of knickknackery, and elaborate gardens in which the cheery words WELCOME TO SHARJAH are spelled out in red flowers.
This is to say nothing of the lo-fi revolutionary knickknackery that continues to dot the country's streets
In Gondry's current work, this approach appears to be synonymous with a kind of soft-bodied, lo-fi knickknackery that may seem very outre in the glossy metier of the film and TV projects he usually inhabits but is, for anyone even vaguely familiar with visual art, hardly groundbreaking.