knock about

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knock about


knock around

1. (intr, adverb) to wander about aimlessly
2. (intr, preposition) to travel about, esp as resulting in varied or exotic experience: he's knocked about the world a bit.
3. (foll by: with) to associate: to knock about with a gang.
4. (tr, adverb) to treat brutally: he knocks his wife about.
5. (tr, adverb) to consider or discuss informally: to knock an idea about.
(Nautical Terms) a sailing vessel, usually sloop-rigged, without a bowsprit and with a single jib
rough; boisterous: knockabout farce.
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Verb1.knock about - strike against forcefullyknock about - strike against forcefully; "Winds buffeted the tent"
strike - deliver a sharp blow, as with the hand, fist, or weapon; "The teacher struck the child"; "the opponent refused to strike"; "The boxer struck the attacker dead"
2.knock about - be around; be alive or active; "Does the old man still kick around?"
exist, be - have an existence, be extant; "Is there a God?"


1. To deliver a powerful blow to suddenly and sharply:
Informal: biff, bop, clip, wallop.
Slang: belt, conk, paste.
Idioms: let someone have it, sock it to someone.
2. To make a noise by striking:
3. Slang. To find fault with:
Informal: cut up, pan.
phrasal verb
knock about or around
1. To be rough or brutal with:
Slang: mess up.
2. To injure or damage, as by abuse or heavy wear:
3. Informal. To speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about:
bandy (about), discuss, moot, talk over, thrash out (or over), thresh out (or over), toss around.
Informal: hash (over), kick around.
Slang: rap.
phrasal verb
knock down
1. To cause to fall, as from a shot or blow:
Slang: deck.
Idiom: lay low.
2. To pull down or break up so that reconstruction is impossible:
Aerospace: destruct.
phrasal verb
knock off
1. Informal. To take away (a quantity) from another quantity:
2. Slang. To take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully:
Informal: put away.
3. Slang. To take property or possessions from (a person or company, for example) unlawfully and usually forcibly:
Slang: heist.
phrasal verb
knock out
1. To render powerless or motionless, as by inflicting severe injury:
Idiom: put out of action.
2. Informal. To make extremely tired:
Informal: tucker (out).
Slang: do in, poop (out).
Idioms: run ragged, take it out of.
phrasal verb
knock over
To turn or cause to turn from a vertical or horizontal position:
1. The sound made by a light blow:
2. Slang. A comment expressing fault:
Informal: pan.