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Any of various low-growing or shrubby plants of the family Polyganaceae, having jointed stems and small flowers.


(Plants) any of several polygonaceous plants of the genus Polygonum, having small flowers and jointed stems



any of several knotty-stemmed plants belonging to the genus Polygonum, of the buckwheat family.
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RESIDENTS of a Coventry street where the dreaded Japanese knotweed has been found have been warned they could be fined thousands of pounds if they don't stop it spreading.
THE tragedy of a Midland woman bludgeoned to death by her husband after he was driven to 'madness' by Japanese knotweed could not have been prevented, a report has concluded.
However, I have found that at Victoria and on Waterside in Holmfirth the Balsam was being over-run by Japanese knotweed, equally tall and invasive, but with sprays of white flowers at this time of the year Government attempts to eradicate knotweed by importing the flies which control it in Japan have failed (the flies died) and have been abandoned, It is hugely difficult to eradicate knotweed because the root system is so very extensive.
JAPANESE knotweed plants arrived from the Far East many years ago and have been part of the Welsh landscape for generations.
It comes from the root of the Japanese Knotweed plant, and it is a completely natural product.
Tenders are invited for the treatment of invasive alien non native species, japanese knotweed along the national route n70 from tralee to kenmare, co.
A confidential meeting behind closed doors is to be held to discuss Japanese knotweed, which plagues headgerows, verges and riverbanks.
Japanese Knotweed is very resilient, can even grow through tarmac and cause structural damage and will grow vigorously after being cut down," adds Alison.
A NUMBER of cases of Japanese knotweed have been reported on Teesside in the past T five years.
Japanese Knotweed is a strong, clump-forming perennial with bamboo-like stems, leaves of up to 14cm in length and 15cm tassels of flowers in late summer and early autumn.
But far from being fearsome, the But far from being fearsome, the loathsome lice from Japan are on their way to becoming every gardener's best friend, as they feast on elds of indestructible knotweed.
This statement follows this tragic story, which has received extensive coverage in national press and media, of the death of Mr and Mrs MacRae due to the stress Mr Kenneth Macrae suffered by the threat of Japanese knotweed.