know the score

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Verb1.know the score - be well-informed
know - know how to do or perform something; "She knows how to knit"; "Does your husband know how to cook?"
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connaître la musique
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My False Teeth My gums are swollen and my mouth is sore And most folk my age know the score It hurts when I eat and my gums are not a healthy pink And I have to be careful what I drink Apart from the discomfort and pain I feel the need to look human once again Hopefully the dentist can put wrong right And I'm feeling much better by Monday night What's left of my teeth are not too good I would have them all out if only the dentist would My teeth problems are getting less and less My bottom teeth are now all I have left GEORGE MCLANDERS
KNOW THE SCORE can make a seamless switch up to three miles in the Handicap Hurdle at Wetherby.
LONGEST TRAVELLER: Know The Score (3.15) trained at Wellington.
at Wetherby KNOW THE SCORE can make a seamless switch up to three miles in the Handicap Hurdle at Wetherby.
EXETER: 12.40 Alrightjack, 1.15 Know The Score, 1.50 Little Jack, 2.25 Thomas Crapper, 3.00 Air Horse One, 3.35 Keep Moving, 4.05 Kalooki.
KNOW THE SCORE (David Pipe) THE five-year-old made a winning debut for David Pipe in a bumper at Towcester this week and looks an exciting prospect.
YOU know the score. You're on holiday, you've had a few drinks and next thing you know, photos of your bum are all over the internet.
Women who apply to work with them know the score (sorry).
The mathematical website Electoral Calculus does just that and if David Cameron and Nick Clegg don't want to know the score they should look away now.
"We know the score; the manager doesn't need to tell us.
A common phrase in sales leadership is, "Know the score, show the score, and the score will improve." Have you ever looked at your checking account and been shocked at how much you spend eating out in a week?
"Those who've been before will know the score," said organiser Maz.