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or knowl·edg·a·ble  (nŏl′ĭ-jə-bəl)
Possessing or showing knowledge or intelligence; perceptive and well-informed.

knowl′edge·a·bil′i·ty n.
knowl′edge·ably adv.


(ˈnɒlɪdʒəbəl) or


possessing or indicating much knowledge
ˈknowledgeableness, ˈknowledgableness n
ˈknowledgeably, ˈknowledgably adv


or knowl•edg•a•ble

(ˈnɒl ɪ dʒə bəl)

possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding; well-informed; perceptive.
knowl′edge•a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.knowledgeable - highly educated; having extensive information or understanding; "knowing instructors"; "a knowledgeable critic"; "a knowledgeable audience"
educated - possessing an education (especially having more than average knowledge)
2.knowledgeable - alert and fully informed; "a knowing collector of rare books"; "surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on"
informed - having much knowledge or education; "an informed public"; "informed opinion"; "the informed customer"
3.knowledgeable - thoroughly acquainted through study or experience; "this girl, so intimate with nature"-W.H.Hudson; "knowledgeable about the technique of painting"- Herbert Read
experienced, experient - having experience; having knowledge or skill from observation or participation


1. well-informed, acquainted, conversant, au fait (French), experienced, understanding, aware, familiar, conscious, switched-on (informal), in the know (informal), sussed (Brit. slang), cognizant, in the loop, au courant (French), clued-up (informal) school-age children who were very knowledgeable about soccer
2. intelligent, lettered, learned, educated, scholarly, erudite He was a knowledgeable and well-read man.


1. Provided with information; made aware:
2. Having or showing intelligence, often of a high order:
Informal: brainy.
حَسَنُ الإِطِّلاعِواسِع الإطِّلاع
jól informált
sem er vel aî sér
am hiểu


[ˈnɒlɪdʒəbl] ADJ [person] (gen) → informado; (in specific subject) → entendido (about en) [remark] → erudito
she's very knowledgeable about antiqueses muy entendida en antigüedades, sabe mucho de antigüedades


[ˈnɒlɪdʒəbəl] adjbien informé(e)
to be knowledgeable about sth → s'y connaître en qch
She's very knowledgeable about computers → Elle s'y connaît bien en informatique.knowledge-based [ˈnɒlɪdʒbeɪst] n
[society, economy] → de la connaissance; [product] → basé sur la connaissance
The shift from an industrial to a knowledge-based economy → Le passage d'une économie industrielle à une économie de la connaissance
[system] → expert inv


adj personkenntnisreich, bewandert; reportgut fundiert; to be knowledgeableviel wissen (→ about über +acc)


[ˈnɒlɪdʒəbl] adj (person) → ben informato/a; (remark) → pertinente


(ˈnolidʒ) noun
1. the fact of knowing. She was greatly encouraged by the knowledge that she had won first prize in the competition.
2. information or what is known. He had a vast amount of knowledge about boats.
3. the whole of what can be learned or found out. Science is a branch of knowledge about which I am rather ignorant.
ˈknowledgeable adjective
having a great deal of information. He is very knowledgeable about the history of the city.
general knowledge
knowledge about a wide range of subjects. The teacher sometimes tests our general knowledge.


حَسَنُ الإِطِّلاعِ erudovaný vidende kenntnisreich γνώστης entendido tietäväinen instruit upućen bene informato 見識のある 박식한 op de hoogte velinformert dobrze poinformowany instruído осведомленный kunnig มีความรู้ bilgili am hiểu 知识渊博的
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In addition, they can speak knowledgably about the local economy and workforce, property taxes, planned infrastructure and development projects, proposed legislation and other matters that might factor into an investment decision.
"She also spoke knowledgably of the contribution that care staff make to the wellbeing of residents, not just here, but in care homes across the country."
If you are a Consultant, advise your clients more knowledgably. And if you are an Investor, use this to make the right investment decision.
"Already in the nine operas before Macbeth, the composer was slowly starting to toy with conventions to create more flowing musical dramas," says the New York Times, discoursing knowledgably on Verdi versus Shakespeare.
Directors are also able to fulfill their camp accreditation standards more knowledgably and ensure that staff members--even those overseas--are getting the same level and amount of pre- and in-season preparation.
He very politely and knowledgably talked us through the menu, explaining the most popular choices.Soon after, I spotted chef de partie, Dinesh Dharma Dasa, hard at work via the large window looking into the kitchen at the back of the restaurant.
He writes so engagingly and knowledgably that an extra-wide range of readers-- amateur Egyptologists as well as experts--can travel happily to the ancient world with him via this thoughtfully prepared and beautifully illustrated book.
But you need to move quickly, decisively and knowledgably.
They can then knowledgably purchase full-size products quickly--in-store or online Needless to say, the sampling industry has sped up to keep pace with the trend, and you'll read about suppliers' latest mini products for trial and for sale on page 16 of this issue.
In this interview at GIE's offices in far west Houston, he talks openly and knowledgably about his company, his career, and his industry.
Many parents feel they are being left behind when it comes to technology and lack the confidence to be able support internet use effectively and knowledgably.
As a major component of the success of the firm, it is vital that the way the equipment operates is featured professionally and knowledgably. As the manual notes, it is also vital that the demonstrations are focused on the psychological points of the consumer.

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