knowledge engineering

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knowledge engineer

A person who constructs knowledge bases or the programs that operate on them.

knowledge engineering n.
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Knowledge Engineering is important in order to face the challenges described in this paper.
Knowledge engineering: Principles and methods Data & Knowledge Engineering, 25(1-2): 161-198.
Knowledge engineering (KE) is another computer science field that shares some of the SE objectives.
Knowledge engineering methodology usually starts with reviewing written sources, like books, guidelines, manuals, and papers associated with the problem domain.
Tom Johnstone, SKF president and CEO, commented that the purchase served the company's goal of becoming a knowledge engineering company.
Gaby Dagher and Benjamin Fung, researchers with the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering, will soon publish their findings in Data and Knowledge Engineering.
The 2nd International Conference on Information Technology, System and Management (ICITSM 2013) is designed for researchers and scientists from academia, industry, and the government to present new findings and future research trends in data, information, and knowledge engineering. ICITSM focuses on new scientific discovery and implementation in all aspects of information technologies, systems, and management.
--Proceedings of the International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development.
"These initiatives will bring SKF's knowledge engineering capability closer to customer and help us develop and deliver world class solutions at desired speed.
Among the topics are the global modeling of sustainability and security of human life, threshold redundancy in binary sensors, some aspects of synergism of health informatics and biomedical ontologies, safety and stability of the Internet system, and a quantum approach to knowledge engineering. (A[c] Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)
In the second meaning, more frequently used, it refers to the use of knowledge technologies (such as knowledge engineering and knowledge management) to produce economic benefits as well as job creation.
SKF, the knowledge engineering company, is the leading global designer and manufacturer of industrial engineered solutions in the areas comprising bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems.

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