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n. Slang
Brass knuckles.


(Law) (often plural) a metal bar fitted over the knuckles, often with holes for the fingers, for inflicting injury by a blow with the fist

brass′ knuck′les

(used with a pl. v.) a band of metal with four holes that fits over the upper fingers and is gripped when a fist is made, used as a weapon.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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Liam Carey, 29, was stopped with the "gift wrapped" weapon, along with a knuckle-duster and butterfly knife, after flying in with his bride from their honeymoon in Cyprus.
THEY may have only "hurt their own kind" but with this array of weapons Ronnie and Reggie Kray certainly knew how to inflict pain The items, including, knives, guns, a crossbow and knuckle-duster have been photographed for the first time by snapper Peter Dazeley.
A DRUNK found in the street with a machete and a knuckle-duster has been jailed for nine months.
Murray, who was armed with a knuckle-duster, punched him for a second time, causing a cut to his victim's nose which needed stitching, as he told him "he shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets".
A MAN tried to attack a car park attendant with a knuckle-duster after he failed to give his brother work days earlier, a court heard.
Wilson said that she was stopped by LAX airport security for "carrying an Alexander McQueen knuckle-duster purse," which the staff thought was a fake.
Jason David Cashman, 42, of Spennithorne Road, and Luke Peter Cashman, 23, of Mowbray Grove, Bishopsgarth, Stockton, carried out a revenge attack in the loos of The Keys public house in Yarm on April 24 2011, using a knuckle-duster and a glass.
Found to be carrying a knuckle-duster and amphetamine in Ashington on November 16.
The wife had kicked her husband around, while he (the lover) punched the victim on his head using a knuckle-duster.
He also admitted possessing a knuckle-duster which was found in his pocket at the police station.
In my day, the only thumb-scan carried out at the door of pubs was to check that your knuckle-duster wasn't too chunky.
A SINGER with acclaimed tribute band the Sex Pistols Experience has been ordered to carry out unpaid work in the community after he was found with a knuckle-duster.