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n. Slang
Brass knuckles.


(Law) (often plural) a metal bar fitted over the knuckles, often with holes for the fingers, for inflicting injury by a blow with the fist

brass′ knuck′les

(used with a pl. v.) a band of metal with four holes that fits over the upper fingers and is gripped when a fist is made, used as a weapon.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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A DRUNK woman stuck her bottom in the faces of two fellow Orange Lodge walkers, before punching them with a knuckle-duster.
They threatened to attack him and leave him in a "pool of his own blood" by using a knuckle-duster if he did not hand over his wallet.
BRITAIN'S most tattooed man has revealed he could lose his arm after a knuckle-duster implant went wrong.
He added his client won the knuckle-duster during an arm-wrestling competition and was "showing off " afterwards and laughing and there was "nothing more sinister than that".
A TEENAGER has denied fake firearm, knuckle-duster and assault charges.
A DRUNK found in the street with a machete and a knuckle-duster has been jailed for nine months.
Murray, who was armed with a knuckle-duster, punched him for a second time, causing a cut to his victim's nose which needed stitching, as he told him "he shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets".
A MAN tried to attack a car park attendant with a knuckle-duster after he failed to give his brother work days earlier, a court heard.
Wilson said that she was stopped by LAX airport security for "carrying an Alexander McQueen knuckle-duster purse," which the staff thought was a fake.
Jason David Cashman, 42, of Spennithorne Road, and Luke Peter Cashman, 23, of Mowbray Grove, Bishopsgarth, Stockton, carried out a revenge attack in the loos of The Keys public house in Yarm on April 24 2011, using a knuckle-duster and a glass.
He also admitted possessing a knuckle-duster which was found in his pocket at the police station.