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knuckle ball

or knuck·le·ball (nŭk′əl-bôl′)
n. Baseball
A slow pitch that has almost no spin and veers erratically, thrown by gripping the ball with the nails or knuckles near the tips of the index and middle fingers, and often the third finger.

knuck′le·ball′er n.


(Baseball) a throw in baseball that flies in an erratic way and is difficult to hit well because the pitcher holds the ball between the fingertips or knuckles
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Noun1.knuckleball - a baseball pitch thrown with little speed or spin
pitch, delivery - (baseball) the act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter
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Summary: Johannesburg [South Africa], Feb 18 (ANI): Pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Man of the Match in the first T20 International between India and South Africa, on Sunday said that he has been working on the knuckleball for almost one year.
Boone famously solved Tim Wakefield's knuckleball on an October night in 2003, hitting a home run that beat Boston and delivered the Yankees to the World Series.
Reading swings, I add or subtract off the regular knuckleball,'' he said.
A good knuckleball, one that results in a grounder or a popup, moves plate-ward like a hummingbird after eight Red Bulls, with little concept of where it's headed.
My Quest for Truth, Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball.
Dickey and the Boston Red Sox's Tim Wakefield, during the 2011 season as they battle to succeed at the Major League level throwing baseball's rarest pitch, the knuckleball.
I found my place on Craigslist," Mets knuckleball pitcher R.
Cash was successful catching Tim Wakefield's knuckleball during his previous stint with the Red Sox.
The spitball knuckleball book; how they are thrown, those who threw them.
And they wrote with admiration about Turpin's pinpoint accuracy and his unusual sidearm knuckleball.
A pitcher throws a knuckleball by holding it against his knuckles.