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knuckle ball

or knuck·le·ball (nŭk′əl-bôl′)
n. Baseball
A slow pitch that has almost no spin and veers erratically, thrown by gripping the ball with the nails or knuckles near the tips of the index and middle fingers, and often the third finger.

knuck′le·ball′er n.
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(Baseball) a throw in baseball that flies in an erratic way and is difficult to hit well because the pitcher holds the ball between the fingertips or knuckles
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Noun1.knuckleball - a baseball pitch thrown with little speed or spin
pitch, delivery - (baseball) the act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter
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A pitcher releases a knuckleball like he is flicking water at someone, with the wrist bent at a 90-degree angle, the fingers pushing the ball forward in such a way as to create little or no spin.
Oliva: The knuckleball. Hoyt Wilhelm, I knew he would throw me a knuckleball.
He relies mainly on his fastball and knuckleball, but also has a slider and changeup he can throw.
Wright, a knuckleball pitcher, was 2-0 in four games with Boston last season.
Dickey, the right-handed knuckleball pitcher who has struggled this season for the Mets, improved his record to 2-5 by spreading out four hits over six innings.
Considering the dearth of quality pitching, does a possible solution rest in the knuckleball, a trick pitch with few practitioners these days?
Field, who finished with nine strikeouts, used his knuckleball to get misses.
At 63, he's only several years removed from a lengthy semi-pro pitching career made possible by a knuckleball that he developed with the expansion Seattle Pilots in 1969.
''That knuckleball is so unpredictable,'' Napoli said.
Ferguson, who said he taught himself a knuckleball as his off-speed pitch, needed just six pitches to navigate a 1-2-3 first inning.
It was a slap shot he caught with the puck a bit on edge and floated like a knuckleball over the shoulder of Harri Sateri, who originally had it lined up with his chest.
That ended another knuckleball night in Maine for Worcester.