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A knobbed bone, as of a knuckle or joint.


(Anatomy) any bone forming part of a knuckle or knuckle joint


(ˈnʌk əlˌboʊn)

1. (in humans) any of the bones forming a knuckle of a finger.
2. (in quadrupeds) any bone having a knobbed end.


[ˈnʌklˌbəʊn] Nnudillo m
References in classic literature ?
but a skeleton hand shot out of a crimson sleeve and violently seized the rash one's wrist; and he, feeling the clutch of the knucklebones, the furious grasp of Death, uttered a cry of pain and terror.
Clean to the Bone), both 2016, composed via intersections of a bottle of Tide laundry detergent and a human knucklebone.
He might like a knucklebone to chew on, although licking and chewing are different behaviors.
Discovered in 2010 among the ruins of a Bulgarian church, the remains include six human bones: a knucklebone from the right hand, a tooth, part of a cranium, a rib, and an ulna, or forearm bone.
A big knucklebone or rawhide chew will not only keep your dog occupied but help their teeth, too.
Fury flamed in Redman, heat charging from his body like a fever passed to his men; they redoubled their efforts, flailing the New Guards with wood and knucklebone.
Mason has his arm in a sling as he recovers from his shoulder operation and Ben Smith is out with a broken knucklebone.
Our job is to put up with 343 pages of talk--about Rwanda, Halliburton, AIDS, Oliver Cromwell, the World Bank, oil and mineral companies and syndicates, PlayStation 2, and the knucklebone of a monkey--without ever setting foot in Africa.
But the dead or the near dead are now all knucklebone.
SATURDAY - The Luci Baines Band (Greenock), Lucid (Glasgow), Toaster (Glasgow), Spacehopper (Glasgow), Boomerang (Airdrie), Knucklebone (Glasgow), Arc (Airdrie), Easy (East Kilbride).
The three principal types are: naturally irregular objects, particularly the knucklebone (astragalos, talus, arra) but also shells; many-sided artefacts, especially the cubical die (kubos, tessera, talus) though dice of various shapes, such as dodecahedral, are known; and two-sided artefacts, including rectangular and circular counters (pettos, kleros, calculus, tessera).