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A bump or knot, as on a tree trunk; a gnarl.

[Middle English knor.]
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(nɜː) or




(Forestry) a knot or protuberance in a tree trunk or in wood
[C16 knor; related to Middle High German knorre knot; compare knar]
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a knotty growth, as on a tree.
[1350–1400; Middle English knorre, knor; c. Middle Low German, Middle Dutch, Middle High German knorre]
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Nominated by Kylie Knur with JJR Marketing Kylie Knur
The following students graduated today at His Majesty's Theatre Aberdeen ABERDEEN BUSINESS SCHOOL MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Olabisi Temitope Akinniyi, Nigeria; Abiodun Stella Akuetiemhe, Nigeria; Serin Al Ghussein, Kuwait; Okechukwu Princewill Amuneke, Norway; Nuha Bazarah, Canada; Christopher Bent, Canada; Claire Common, Kilkeel; Joanne Cranswick, Aberdeen; Aileen Dimaya, Philippines; Amy Louis Ayad Guirguis, Egypt; Daisy Uloma Iroulo, Nigeria; Ian King, Aberdeen; Walter Knur, USA; Lia-Maria Mich, Aberdeen; Mark James Robertson, Daviot; Roderick Mearns Smith, Aberdeen; Bernadine Ynieto, Philippines.
"Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs!" An expression of astonishment last heard on Lindley Moor when Grandad found out that Aunt Mary-Ellen had won the 'knur & spell' open.
Also there were the dates of the Wars of the Roses -- a series of dynastic wars fought for the English crown in the 15th century -- and the rules of an ancient pub game called Knur and Spell.
In 1860, cricket at the school was played on the Applegarth in an "unscientific but thoroughly satisfactory manner" and another common game was "Knur and Spell" in which the art lay in hitting a wooden ball, which was then caught in a trap arrangement.
PUBGAMESKNUR AND SPELL A GAME in which men attempt to hit the Knur (a hard golfball-sized ball) as hard as they can after it has been tossed up into the air by the Spell (a mechanical sling device a bit like that used to fire the clays in clay pigeon shooting).
Lawn Billiards, once also a feature of the Freemason's Arms, has been dead and gone for 30 years, while Knur and Spell, alias poor man's golf, was last glimpsed being played outside the Hargreaves Arms near Colne, Lancashire, in 1995.
Unilever, based on Merseyside and with a 500-job European IT centre at Elope, Flint shire, is best known for its food brands Magnum and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Slim fast, Knur, Bert Olli and Hellmann's.
McManus 97-117] knur 'tar' a trunk [tar-looking excrecence on tree] laggard "drag gal" [not a drag racer gal--or guy] lava E (hp) upheaval [Energy (horsepower)] (A) lie veil loom mool [rich soil (variants of loam, mold)] (P) mas sam [collect (mas = mass)] (P) maw warn [belly (warn = womb)] (P) mediate net-aid 'em mimic "I'm 'im." moot toom [toom = empty (Scot.)] moron "no ROM" (T) nix "ex" in noose I die soon.
The words in each recording are explained so that visitors know what a stithurum [OK] is, what to put in the barton-linhay[OK], how to play knur [OK] and spell and when to eat bait, bever[OK], docky [OK] or snap.
Or how about draughts, knur and spell, shove 'appeny and marbles?