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1. A knob, knot, or other small protuberance.
2. One of a series of small ridges or grooves on the surface or edge of a metal object, such as a thumbscrew, to aid in gripping.
tr.v. knurled, knurl·ing, knurls
To provide with knurls; mill.

[ Probably diminutive of knur.]

knurled (nûrld) adj.
knurl′y adj.
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1. having small ridges on the edge or surface; milled.
2. having knurls or knots; gnarled.
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[nɜːld] ADJnudoso; [coin] → acordonado
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She compared it with those of the knurled and knotted men from whom she must choose a mate, and La shuddered at the thought.
There are changes inside as well with the Dynamic Edition having a special sports steering wheel with a contoured rim, aluminium gear shift paddles and a knurled finish for the gear selector and other controls.
Two knurled triggers (forward/relaxed) are included, and each are micro-adjustable.
Precision crafted metal sides feature a knurled pattern found in luxury car switchgear, as well as the signature H branding, which wraps around the front of the sunglasses.