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A dish of the Middle East and South Asia consisting of ground meat that is mixed with onions and spices, shaped into balls or cylinders, and cooked.

[Turkish köfte, Arabic kufta, and Hindi and Urdu koftā, all from Persian kōfta (modern Iranian Persian kūfte), from past participle of kōftan, to pound, bray.]
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Using a pastry brush, lightly coat the outside of each kofte with oil.
The kofte were particularly tasty while the classic revani dessert was exquisite -- I just wished I had more room for it after another series of ample sharing platters had been presented before us.
The lunch menu is modest, but each dish is homemade and authentically Turkish, containing mixed mezze, kofte, stuffed artichokes and Turkish dumplings.
Visit the Sultanahmet area, popular with tourists and locals alike, or the lively Galata and trendy Karakoy districts to try traditional foods such as mouth-watering manti, kofte or baklava.
We were spoilt for choice again with the appetizers with different types of kofte and other hot starters.
Some restaurants double as clubs; try Rana by Topaz, near Taksim, where dance music kicks in after you've just finished your kofte, and a belly dancer entertains you until the bill arrives.
Families and friends can treat themselves to an extensive gastronomic affair that also comprises of a trio of charred kofte with mini crisp pita discs, beef kofte with aubergine, lamb with red pepper and walnut, chicken with stewed apricots, grilled renditions of Harirra Shorba, Zaatar smoked lamb loin, jumbo prawns, freekah risotto, and natural braising broth.
There's also the Beef Kofte wrap (beef kebab with vegetables), a form Filipinos are well familiar with, similar to shawarma wraps but done in an authentic way and using fresh ingredients.
Beef Kofte pita, which looks like a shawarma, is a safe choice.
What to try: Kofte kebab - skewered minced lamb, marinated and charcoal grilled
Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans believes that 'one of the joys of being Australian is being able to 'pick and choose and take in all the good stuff from around the world', which is why he opts for a Middle Eastern lamb kofte as a favourite.