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 (kōl-rä′bē, -răb′ē)
n. pl. kohl·ra·bies
A plant (Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes) in the mustard family, having a thick basal part of the stem that is eaten as a vegetable. Also called turnip cabbage.

[German (partial translation of Italian cavoli rape) : Kohl, cabbage (from Middle High German kōl, from Old High German, from Latin caulis) + Italian rape, pl. of rapa, turnip.]


n, pl -bies
(Plants) a cultivated variety of cabbage, Brassica oleracea caulorapa (or gongylodes), whose thickened stem is eaten as a vegetable. Also called: turnip cabbage
[C19: from German, from Italian cavoli rape (pl), from cavolo cabbage (from Latin caulis) + rapa turnip (from Latin); influenced by German Kohl cabbage]


(koʊlˈrɑ bi, -ˈræb i)

n., pl. -bies.
a cultivated cabbage, Brassica oleracea gongylodes, of the mustard family, with an edible bulblike stem.
[1800–10; < German < Italian cavolrape]
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Noun1.kohlrabi - plant cultivated for its enlarged fleshy turnip-shaped edible stemkohlrabi - plant cultivated for its enlarged fleshy turnip-shaped edible stem
kohlrabi, turnip cabbage - fleshy turnip-shaped edible stem of the kohlrabi plant
crucifer, cruciferous plant - any of various plants of the family Cruciferae
Brassica, genus Brassica - mustards: cabbages; cauliflowers; turnips; etc.
2.kohlrabi - fleshy turnip-shaped edible stem of the kohlrabi plantkohlrabi - fleshy turnip-shaped edible stem of the kohlrabi plant
cruciferous vegetable - a vegetable of the mustard family: especially mustard greens; various cabbages; broccoli; cauliflower; brussels sprouts
Brassica oleracea gongylodes, kohlrabi - plant cultivated for its enlarged fleshy turnip-shaped edible stem
cavolo rapa


[kəʊlˈrɑːbɪ] N (kohlrabies (pl)) → colinabo m


[kəʊlˈrɑːbi] nchourave m
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This also works great for cabbage, broccoli, and kohlrabi transplants.
Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts are well-known examples of cruciferous vegetables, but did you know that this incredibly healthful class of vegetables also includes arugula, bok choy, broccoli sprouts, collard greens, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, radishes, rutabagas, turnips, watercress and wasabi?
You can use a mandolin to get super-thin slices from your kohlrabi, radishes, and beets, then get those creative juices flowing to plate the carpaccio like your favorite Top Chef.
Some crops that are ideal for this type of succession planting are radishes, bush beans, beets, kohlrabi, carrots, and most salad greens.
She grows all sorts of veg, from asparagus to mange tout, and likes to challenge herself to grow unusual varieties, including sweet potatoes, melons, artichokes, yams and kohlrabi.
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Cross Valley Farms Spiral Cut Kohlrabi a hearty, spiralized vegetable noodle, Kohlrabi has grown 1,165 percent on menus in the past four years.
If getting enough iron is important for a particular person, then purple kohlrabi microgreens may be a good addition to the diet, with 0.
Kale Beet Blend is a combination of kale, golden beets, kohlrabi and red cabbage.
BEEF, ANISE, BASIL, KOHLRABI Serves 10 Justin Carlisle, Ardent For the pho gel: 5 kilograms beef shanks 1 kilogram beef scraps 5 star anise pods 2 onions, halved and charred 1 4-inch piece ginger, charred 6 whole cloves 2 cinnamon sticks Palm sugar, as needed Hoisin sauce, as needed Lime juice, as needed Sriracha, as needed MSG, as needed Basil, as needed Cilantro, as needed Salt to taste .
Small dishes include Daikon "Summer Rolls," Roasted Sunchokes with Smoked Paprika Aioli, and Kohlrabi Salad with White Beans and Horseradish.
Whether it is tomato or kohlrabi season, it's easy to get overwhelmed by unfamiliar vegetables or an overabundance of seasonal bounty that seduces at the markets or shows up in a CSA box and then drifts over the kitchen counters.