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or co·la  (kō′lə)
Any of several tropical African evergreen trees of the genus Cola, especially C. acuminata or C. nitida, cultivated for their reddish fragrant nutlike seeds, which contain caffeine and theobromine. The seeds are chewed as a stimulant and yield an extract used in pharmaceuticals and as a flavoring in foods and beverages.

[Of West African origin; akin to Temne kɔ̄la, kola nut.]


(Plants) a variant spelling of cola1


(ˈkoʊ lə)

n., pl. -las.
1. any tropical African tree of the genus Cola, grown for kola nuts.
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Noun1.kola - tree bearing large brown nuts containing e.g. caffeine; source of cola extract
cola extract - a flavoring extracted from the kola nut
Cola, genus Cola - large genus of African trees bearing kola nuts
cola nut, kola nut - bitter brown seed containing caffein; source of cola extract
nut tree - tree bearing edible nuts
2.Kola - a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad
Biu-Mandara - a group of Chadic languages spoken in the border area between Cameroon and Nigeria south of Lake Chad
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It is, therefore, heart-warming that Kola Ologbonduyan came on board at a time our great party, PDP, was in dire need of a highly proactive, dogged and focused spokesperson with the required intellectual capacity to trade tackles with the propaganda and misinformation machinery of the APC, headed by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, a man well known for double-speaking on socioeconomic issues.
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RIYADH: Nigerian pilgrims have been asked not to bring kola nuts during the Haj this year.
Kola didn't speak a word of Portuguese, which is a complex language.
Kola nuts, which contain caffeine and act as a stimulant, originate in Africa and are banned in Saudi Arabia.
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According to current research on the local sociolinguistic situation (Ivanishcheva 2014), the Kola Saami languages are critically endangered.
I think Tiago, if you ask him, his allegiance footballwise is definitely Portugal," Ilori's father Kola, who hails from Camden, said on the eve of the semi-final.