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 (kə-läch′kē, kō′läch-) or ko·la·che (kə-lä′chē, kō′lä-)
n. pl. kolacky or kolache also ko·la·ches
A sweet bun made from yeasted dough and usually having a fruit or poppy seed filling.

[Czech koláče, wheel-shaped cake, pl. of koláč, from kolo, wheel; see calash.]
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(kəˈlɑːtʃkɪ; kəʊ-)
n, pl kolackies or kolacky
(Cookery) a type of sweet pastry or bun with a fruit, jam, or nut filling, originally from Poland or Czechoslovakia
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Anna and Yulka left their chairs from time to time to bring fresh plates of kolaches and pitchers of milk.
The pastries strudels with apples and another with sweet cherries, the poppy seed cake and the traditional cake, kolache, which Zalsky said is normally served to visitors were all delicious.
The Czechs have their kolache, the Hungarians have their gyumolcskosarkak.
He walked into Oregon's locker room Thursday afternoon with a white paper bag and pulled out a kolache, a traditional Czech pastry associated with his hometown.
At least that's what three ROTC nursing students thought as they pulled into their favorite quick stop called "The Czech Stop" to grab a kolache, a pastry of fruit rimmed by a puffy pillow of dough.
From the Czechoslovakian kolache treats neatly packaged in favor boxes to the Czech band, the wedding celebration of Texan Lauren Valek to Mississippian Davey Farris was an elegant tribute to their heritages.
orchestras, Sudanese and Vietnamese citizens eating Bohemian kolache,
"Get up each day," he advises, "dress warmly cities are chilly in the morning), head straight to your first cafe, have your first cup of coffee and your pumpkin muffin or brioche or kolache), and begin writing."
Also known as mini-danish, ruggalah or kolache, the cream cheese pastry cookies feature a number of fillings including apricot, raspberry, blueberry, guava, lemon and prune.
Sweeping the floors of my parents' first Kolache Factory store in Houston, Texas, at 9 years old, I dreamed of being a veterinarian.