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 (kə-läch′kē, kō′läch-) or ko·la·che (kə-lä′chē, kō′lä-)
n. pl. kolacky or kolache also ko·la·ches
A sweet bun made from yeasted dough and usually having a fruit or poppy seed filling.

[Czech koláče, wheel-shaped cake, pl. of koláč, from kolo, wheel; see calash.]


(kəˈlɑːtʃkɪ; kəʊ-)
n, pl kolackies or kolacky
(Cookery) a type of sweet pastry or bun with a fruit, jam, or nut filling, originally from Poland or Czechoslovakia
References in classic literature ?
Anna and Yulka left their chairs from time to time to bring fresh plates of kolaches and pitchers of milk.
Other additions on the first and third floors include new choices through the Wild Leaf line of wraps and sandwiches and homemade kolaches at Angies Southern Kitchen.
TYPE OF BUSINESS: With more than 60 varieties of delicious donuts, pastries, and kolaches made fresh daily and served hot, it's this same simple concept that has continued to bring back multiple generations of loyal customers.
There was a pretty girl sitting there and we danced a time or two," he said while sipping coffee at the Village Bakery, known around Texas for its kolaches.
7-Eleven also added kolaches, a savory breakfast favorite of Texans, to its hot foods lineup in May.
Snack Box will offer a wide variety of menu items, including everything from Kolaches to Buffalo Chicken Bites; Fresh Baked Cookies, Pretzels, and Cinnamon Roles.
Their business, Chaos Kolaches, grew out of a somewhat casual conversation.
Hence the existence of maple bacon rolls, which have joined kolaches, enchiladas, and good old American pies among the offerings at the Little Czech Bakery in the town of West, Texas, conveniently on the way from Dallas to Waco.
We met this day in a Czech coffee shop to talk and, over apricot kolaches, I learned about his wife's new documentary film, his work on an indie Canadian film, the recent projects of his old friend and mentor, the writer Clark Blaise, and his plans for a novel about Irish immigrants to Canada.
The other night I experienced a few moments of great existential angst: You see, my son's class was having a "heritage lunch" the following day, and I'd promised to help him bake kolaches from my Bohemian grandmother's recipe.