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 (kə-läch′kē, kō′läch-) or ko·la·che (kə-lä′chē, kō′lä-)
n. pl. kolacky or kolache also ko·la·ches
A sweet bun made from yeasted dough and usually having a fruit or poppy seed filling.

[Czech koláče, wheel-shaped cake, pl. of koláč, from kolo, wheel; see calash.]
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(kəˈlɑːtʃkɪ; kəʊ-)
n, pl kolackies or kolacky
(Cookery) a type of sweet pastry or bun with a fruit, jam, or nut filling, originally from Poland or Czechoslovakia
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Anna and Yulka left their chairs from time to time to bring fresh plates of kolaches and pitchers of milk.
Her family loved her lasagna and Christmas kolaches. Theresa was loved by all who knew her.
Aside from the regular donuts, they also offer jelly-filled donuts, kolaches, croissants, biscuits, plus beverages that would match customers' bread of choice.
TYPE OF BUSINESS: With more than 60 varieties of delicious donuts, pastries, and kolaches made fresh daily and served hot, it's this same simple concept that has continued to bring back multiple generations of loyal customers.
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They stop at Buc-ee's, a Texas-based chain convenience store that sells fudge and kolaches and kitsch along with the usual gas-station fare, and which (accurately) advertises the remarkable cleanliness of its bathrooms in humorous billboards along the vast ghastly asphalt lengths of Eisenhower's Folly.
Other additions on the first and third floors include new choices through the Wild Leaf line of wraps and sandwiches and homemade kolaches at Angies Southern Kitchen.
"There was a pretty girl sitting there and we danced a time or two," he said while sipping coffee at the Village Bakery, known around Texas for its kolaches. "I came back a month later, and there she was."
7-Eleven also added kolaches, a savory breakfast favorite of Texans, to its hot foods lineup in May.
Snack Box will offer a wide variety of menu items, including everything from Kolaches to Buffalo Chicken Bites; Fresh Baked Cookies, Pretzels, and Cinnamon Roles.
Their business, Chaos Kolaches, grew out of a somewhat casual conversation.