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 (kə-läch′kē, kō′läch-) or ko·la·che (kə-lä′chē, kō′lä-)
n. pl. kolacky or kolache also ko·la·ches
A sweet bun made from yeasted dough and usually having a fruit or poppy seed filling.

[Czech koláče, wheel-shaped cake, pl. of koláč, from kolo, wheel; see calash.]
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(kəˈlɑːtʃkɪ; kəʊ-)
n, pl kolackies or kolacky
(Cookery) a type of sweet pastry or bun with a fruit, jam, or nut filling, originally from Poland or Czechoslovakia
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There will be homemade cookies (including kolacky) and other treats made by members and friends of Immanuel UCC.
No matter what grade level you teach, students would likely engage their parents or grandparents to create a special treat for such an event, where Italian biscotti or pitzelles, Greek baklava and Polish kolacky can be shared-or even purchased to fund next year's International Fest.
Then the living would retire to the White Eagle Restaurant, conveniently located across from the cemetery, for a huge spread of chicken, roast beef, kielbasa, sauerkraut, pierogi, mashed potatoes, cucumbers in sour cream, and, for dessert, platters of kolacky.