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n. pl. ko·lin·skies
1. A northern Eurasian mink (Mustela sibirica) having a dark brown coat with tawny markings.
2. The fur of this animal.

[Russian kolinskiĭ, of Kola, from Kola, Kola Peninsula.]
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n, pl -skies
1. (Animals) any of various Asian minks, esp Mustela sibirica of Siberia
2. (Tanning) the rich tawny fur of this animal
[C19: from Russian kolinski of Kola: see Kola Peninsula]
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(kəˈlɪn ski)

n., pl. -skies.
1. an Asian mink, Mustela sibirica.
2. the fur of this animal.
[1850–55; orig. uncertain]
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