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Any of several edible kelps, especially Saccharina japonica (syn. Laminaria japonica), often used to flavor stock.

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(ˈkɒmbuː) or


(Cookery) a dark brown seaweed of the genus Laminaria (class Phaeophyceae) the leaves of which are dried and used esp in Japanese cookery
[C19: Japanese]
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Sample dish: Lemon sole, squid, artichoke and royal kombu (kelp) | llangoedhall.co.uk RESTAURANT JAMES SOMMERIN, PENARTH James Sommerin has long been one of Wales' top chefs, whether at The Crown at Whitebrook, where he made his name, or at his eponymous Penarth restaurant.
Second course is Kombu smoked pork belly and seared scallops paired with Kumquat Vanilla Moth Kidz.
Among my favorites was a simply named Grilled Shrimp Salad, the dressing a combination of calamansi juice, truffle oil, kombu, and parmesan cheese that was surprisingly refreshing.
(Dried seaweed, like kombu, dulse and nori, are separate products from frozen fresh kelp, and require different preparations.)
In 1908, Japanese chemistry professor Kikunae Ikeda noticed that certain foods had a savory taste--including Parmesan cheese, ripe tomatoes, dry-aged beef, and kombu dashi, a broth made from dried kelp that's essential to Japanese cooking.
Enjoy the subtle flavor boost of Kombu in your next meal, harvested by hand from the clean waters off Mendocino County, California, and recommended by experts for brain health.
Filtered seawater forms an enchanting kombu gelee tide pool washed atop rock, sand, and a Beausoleil oyster.
Ingredients that don't often receive their due, like turmeric and kombu, see the limelight here; their inclusion is refreshing.
The dashi-based dipping sauce was the real deal made from dried bonito flakes and kombu. It was mellow and savoury but could have done with more of a kick.
The restaurant elegantly merges French cuisine with Japanese elements for extraordinary dishes like Cold Angel Hair Pasta with a perfect mix of kombu, caviar, and black truffle.
Sea Vegetables such as sea weed, Kelp, Arame, Hiziki, Kombu, and Wakame and fish and shrimp, are also included in the list.