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Noun1.koppie - a small hill rising up from the African veldkoppie - a small hill rising up from the African veld
Republic of South Africa, South Africa - a republic at the southernmost part of Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1910; first European settlers were Dutch (known as Boers)
hammock, hillock, hummock, knoll, mound - a small natural hill
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At last, about two o'clock, utterly worn out in body and mind, we came to the foot of the queer hill, or sand koppie, which at first sight resembled a gigantic ant-heap about a hundred feet high, and covering at the base nearly two acres of ground.
Synopsis: An award-winning investigation that has been called the most important piece of journalism in post-apartheid South Africa, "Murder at Small Koppie: The Real Story of South Africa's Marikana Massacre" delves into the truth behind the massacre that killed thirty-four platinum miners and wounded seventy-eight more in August of 2012 at the Marikana platinum mine in South Africa's North West province.
He focuses on the violence at Small Koppie, a collection of boulders where an unreported second massacre took place, killing 17 miners.
Greg Marinovich has written a new book, "Murder at Small Koppie: The Real Story of The Marikana Massacre." An account of a 2012 massacre, when South African police killed nearly three dozen miners and injured many others, the book was published by Zebra Press.
"I was just trying to walk up a koppie [hill] and I just slipped.
The cracks on South Africa's democratic facade had begun to appear several years before the workers in Marikana took to the koppie and had, in any event, been simmering below the surface for several years even before that.
Rock Lodge is 'heaven in heaven', perched high on the summit of a koppie with views over the South African bush below.
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