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or qor·ma  (kôr′mə)
A dish of South Asian origin in which meat or vegetables are braised or simmered in a rich, highly seasoned sauce thickened with ground nuts, yogurt or cream, and sometimes coconut.

[Hindi and Urdu qormā, of Turkic origin; akin to Turkish kavurma, braised meat, from kavurmak, to roast, sear, from Old Turkic kağur-.]
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(ˈkɔːmə) or


(Cookery) any of a variety of Indian dishes consisting of meat or vegetables braised with water, stock, yogurt, or cream
[from Urdu]
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Speaking about kormas, the word korma refers to the technique of braising.
CREAMY kormas have overtaken tikka masala as the nation's favourite curry.
I WHAT makes me spit nails is Asian take-1 away boss Khalid Shah serving up Buckie Kormas in his Motherwell shop to exploit the eejits who think it's cool to have their I curry laced with Buckfast.
The sauce smothering 10 or so generous pieces of tender chicken was sweet and tasted more of coconut than other kormas. But it was lovely, especially with pilau rice flaked with red, green and yellow-coloured grains.
The usual array of baltis, bhunas and kormas are on the menu and there are plenty of dishes for the vegetarians.
One of my friends, a self-professed `connoisseur of kormas' opted - quite unsurprisingly - for a chicken korma.
John bought the dodgy curry as part of a pounds 3.79 twin pack of kormas at Asda in Glasgow's Maryhill area while shopping with his mum June Logan last week.
AAVOID anything described as deep-fried, kormas and other dishes made with cream or cream cheese, samosas, onion bhajis and biriyanis (which contain nuts and yoghurt).
GLAMOUR model Jordan has claimed curries are her favourite food after revealing she eats three chicken kormas a week.
That honour has gone instead to the Scottish city of Glasgow, which held off competition from the Welsh capital and eight other cities to be named king of the kormas. Four restaurants were chosen by the public to represent the city, with a dossier on the city's best curry houses also compiled by the council.
IF you're crazy about kormas and partial to a poppadom, then here's your chance to cook all your favourite Indian meals in your own kitchen.
First up was a plate of poppadoms and four dips, followed by chicken korma - served with naan and boil-inthe-bag rice.