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(Russian krəmaˈtɔrsk)
(Placename) a city in Ukraine: a major industrial centre of the Donets Basin. Pop: 177 000 (2005 est)


(ˌkrɑ məˈtɔrsk)

a city in E Ukraine, in the Donets Basin. 198,000.
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I am very, very impressed by the technical support here," said Stanislav Franco, an English and German teacher at Kramatorsk Secondary School.
The SBU held them in special facilities in Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Izyum, and Mariupol, in the east of the country, the human rights groups said.
2) Automated Metal Forming Process and Machinery Department, Donbass State Engineering Academy, Shkadinova 72, Donetsk Region, Kramatorsk 84313, Ukraine
From Kramatorsk, a city in the unstable Donetsk province of Ukraine, Nikita Gostev and his family hope to settle here in docile Oregon.
Outgoing fire from the Ukrainian side was visible on the road between Kiev-controlled Kramatorsk and rebel-held Donetsk and rebels at a checkpoint near Donetsk said they had been hit by mortar strikes.
He stopped in the city of Kramatorsk, 30 miles from the nearest front line, where Kiev says 16 people were killed and 48 wounded in a rocket strike yesterday.
On Tuesday, a rocket attack hit the city of Kramatorsk, where the Ukrainian military operation is headquartered.
Meanwhile, the US expressed concern over continued violence from the Russian backed separatists in and around Debaltseve and rocket attacks on the Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk that has reportedly killed seven and injured 20.