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or cra·ter  (krā′tər)
A wide, two-handled bowl used in ancient Greece and Rome for mixing wine and water.

[Greek krātēr; see kerə- in Indo-European roots.]
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or cra•ter

(ˈkreɪ tər)

(in ancient Greece and Rome) a bowl in which water and wine were mixed.
[1855–60; < Greek; see crater]
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The statements in the areas of Krater and Kohor Maksar are not different from those on the walls of the University of Aden -destroyed by rocket shelling- with some additions that fit the university, its atmosphere and the enthusiasm of its youth.
Aden, Dec 10, 2018, SPA -- King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) distributed yesterday 29 tons and 600 kg of food baskets to the displaced from Hodeida in the directorates of Krater and Al-Twahi in the Yemeni governorate within a project to distribute 15,000 food baskets to the displaced of Hodeida governorate, benefiting 2400 people.
Olgular arasinda cekal karsinom insidansi %4,4-8,2 olarak raporlanmis olup, cekumdaki; 2,5 cm'den buyuk, irreguler ve krater benzeri gorunumde ve duzensiz kenara sahip olan ulserlerle ilgili yuksek derecede cekum karsinomu dusunulmesi gerektigi belirtilmistir.2 Hastayi oncelikle daha az invaziv tanisal bir yontem olan kolonoskopiyle degerlendirdik.
This follows the dramatic case in 2008 when the Met was forced, after protracted negotiations, to return the famous Euphronios Krater, from the 6th century BC, to Italy on similar grounds.
Connor Krater of McHenry (Grayslake, Gurnee, Round Lake )
In fact, the recent publication of two Greek vases from the necropolis of Cerro Furado, Beja (Arruda and Lopes, 2012) -a bell krater by the Black Thyrsus Painter and a skyphos of the Fat Boy Group-, similar in shape and decoration to some of the pieces from Alcacer do Sal, could suggest that this type of funerary use of Greek vessels may have been more common than hitherto suspected.
Perikleische Panathenaen: Ein Krater des Malers von Munchen 2335.
the famous Boston krater, Boston Fine Arts Museum 63.1246, attributed to
Further, SummitMedia enjoys a six-station cluster in Honolulu, including such legendary stations as AC KRTR-FM "Krater 96," Hawaiian AC KINE-FM 105.1, Hawaiian Pop KCCN-FM 100.3, and CHR/Rhythmic KPHW-FM "Power 104.3."
"Wink Sink" ultimately won out over the less accurate "Kermit Krater" and the geographically neutral "Guacamole Hole-y," a reference to the sinkhole's avocado-green water.