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 (kroi′zən, krou′-) or kräu·sen (kroi′zən)
The yeasty foam that rises to the surface of fermenting wort; barm.
tr.v. krau·sened, krau·sen·ing, krau·sens
To add actively fermenting wort to a fermented wort, as before bottling.

[German Kräusen, from variant of Krausen, plural of Krause, frill, ruff, gather, crimp (in reference to the foam curling back from the edge of the container in which the beer ferments), from kraus, crinkled, frizzy, crumpled, from Middle High German krūs, curly, crimped; akin to Middle Dutch croes, curly, crimped, and English crouse.]
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The Giant PM term was first put forward by Krausen et al.
The symposium was chaired by senior journalist Syed Talat Hussain and discussed Iqbal's concept of Khudi with the distinguished panellists namely, Katherine Schimmel, Dr Kamran Tahir, Dr Halima Krausen and Professor Muhammad Sharif Baqa.
The installation exhibition will showcase works from artists such as: Mohammed Ali, a street artist from the UK, famous for using his graffiti styles to convey messages of positive social change; Sukina Douglas, a poet and hip-hop artist based in London who has been described as a forerunner in the growing Muslim hip-hop scene; and Eckhart Ahmed Krausen, a photographer based in Copenhagen who specialises in the study and documentation of Islamic architecture across Europe.
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Garner's production of Pericles was no different, with the roles of Gower, Diana, and Thaisa being played by a single actor, the talented Park Krausen. While Thaisa stands apart from the other two, it makes sense for the goddess Diana to be the narrator; and combining this role with that of the storyteller, Gower, fit perfectly in this production.
According to one former German naval officer stationed on the island, Theo Krausen, Batterie Lothringen at Noirmont Point (incidentally also Jersey's memorial to those who suffered under enemy occupation) where he served in 1943, is the best-preserved fortification of the entire Atlantic Wall.
795th MP Bn (Philippines, WWIl): Charles Krausen (816) 358-3855
(5) Secondary ferment: When the krausen (the crown of foam that forms on fermenting beer) falls, rack to a secondary fermenter with the dry hops already in it.