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or kreut·zer  (kroit′sər)
Any of several small coins of low value formerly used in Austria and Germany.

[German, from Middle High German kriuzer, from kriuze, cross (from their having originally been stamped with a cross), from Old High German krūzi, from Latin crux, cruc-.]
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Dresden had Tim Boss in goal, behind a four-man back line of Philip Heise, Brian Hamalainen, Linus Qahlqvist and Niklas Kreuzer.
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Strangely, the coin was found to be a Kreuzer, which wasn't in circulation until 1858 - a time when it was thought that loved ones weren't buried holding coins.
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Lieutenant Colonel Kreuzer (BA, USAFA; PhD, Princeton University; MPA, University of Alaska-Anchorage; MSI, American Military University) is the executive officer, ACC Directorate of Intelligence.
The Kaiser's Lost Kreuzer: A History of U-156 and Germany's Long-Range Submarine Campaign Against North America, 1918
First, there is the work by the German political scientist Peter Kreuzer, who explicitly approaches powerful local clans as 'agents of violence' (Kreuzer 2005:3).
Senior CSU member Thomas Kreuzer told Deutschlandfunk radio the CSU expected what it had agreed with Merkel's CDU on Sunday to be in the coalition agreement.
Selbst wenn eine Bohrung schon zur Entdeckung einer prinzipiell interessanten Vererzung gefuhrt hat, steigen die Chancen auf lediglich 1:16 (Sames und Wellmer 1981, Kreuzer und Etheridge 2010).