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Noun1.krigia - any small branched yellow-flowered North American herb of the genus Krigia
genus Krigia - small herbs closely related to chicory: dwarf dandelions
dwarf dandelion, Krigia bulbosa, Krigia dandelion - small yellow-flowered herb resembling dandelions of central and southeastern United States
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
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In Mississippi, Lowe (1921) listed the following sun-loving plants as characteristic of more acid uplands around the Black Belt [converted here to modern names]: Apocynum cannabinum, Ceanothus americanus, Gamochaeta purpurea, Krigia virginica, Oenothera sp., Orebexilum sp., Opuntia sp., Penstemon laevigatus, Phlox pilosa, Plantago aristata, Schrankia microphylla, Stylosanthes biflora, Tephrosia virginiana, Triodanis perfoliata, and Verbena sp.
Evolutionary implications of intraspecific DNA variation in dwarf dandelions (Krigia: Asteraceae).
Comparisons of phylogenetic hypotheses among different data sets in dwarf dandelions (Krigia, Asteraceae): Additional information from internal transcribed spacer sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA.
Seven of the eight taxa show positive total evolution correlations before correction (Table 1), from [r.sub.TE] = 0.97 in Betulaceae to [r.sub.TE] = 0.47 in Krigia. However, it was echinoids that showed a negative total evolution correlation, [r.sub.TE] = -0.12.